We optimise delivery through the Study Support Service, a free of charge service designed to be tailored to the needs of your study.

After our Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs) are aware of your study - either through our Early Contact and Engagement service, or via an alternative means - they will be in touch to request relevant study information.

For new non-commercial studies, our team of experts use this information to undertake a Network delivery assessment, utilising local expertise to identify any study challenges which may affect your delivery to time and target - considering a whole network perspective. For example, we may identify staff training or specialist equipment that should be made available to support your study.   The conduct of this assessment should not impact on you, the researcher.

The outputs of the national assessment will be communicated through the Effective Study Start-Up and Study Performance Monitoring processes where required. Measures to address any challenges identified by our Optimising Delivery team will be discussed, agreed and implemented.

Contact us:

If you require any further assistance, or are unsure where to start, please email the Study Support Service Helpdesk: supportmystudy@nihr.ac.uk.

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