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Case study: Taking part in the PANORAMIC trial - Glyn’s story

Finding new antiviral treatments for COVID-19

After testing positive for COVID-19, Glyn Talling, aged 51 and from Newquay, became one of the first participants to take the antiviral drug molnupiravir as part of the Platform Adaptive trial of NOvel antiviRals for eArly treatMent of COVID-19 In the Community (PANORAMIC) trial.

The innovative UK-wide trial is rapidly generating the evidence needed to roll-out a new range of potentially game-changing COVID-19 antiviral drugs which can be safely taken at home, in the earliest stages of infection. These new orally administered treatments hold the potential to reduce the risk of hospitalisation or severe disease.

Immediately after receiving his positive test result, Glyn was called by his local GP surgery and offered the chance to join the national priority study.

“The nurse asked if I wanted to take part in a relatively new, antiviral drugs trial. She talked through what would be involved and ran through some questions to check my suitability, find out how I was feeling, my symptoms and their severity. Everything was very well explained”.

Glyn was happy to be involved and gave his consent to enrol in the study over the phone, there and then.

The following day, Glyn received a special-delivery package at his home via a courier, containing a course of the antiviral study drug, an information pack about the study and instructions on how to take the medication.

Participants are randomly assigned to either receive the antiviral treatment - or to a standard care group. Participants who are randomised to the molnupiravir arm of the trial take four capsules of the antiviral treatment, twice a day for five days.

Glyn said: “The antiviral medication is normal, run-of-the-mills capsules that you take with water every 12 hours - it’s as simple as that.”

“I was also asked to keep a daily diary - which asks various questions about how I'm feeling and the severity of my symptoms. It’s a very straightforward online questionnaire which you complete online. It takes probably less than five minutes to do overall.”

After the five day course on the antiviral treatment, Glyn spoke to the research nurse again to check in and was given a number where he could raise any concerns or worries.

“Taking part in the trial has been a very positive experience. All told, I think it’s a great thing to be involved with and I am happy to be part of something that is fighting this horrible virus that has been impacting so many people around the world.”

“Even if it is a small part to play, I do think that it is a very important one and I thoroughly recommend taking part.”

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