Building on all previous interactions with the Study Support Service, we create and implement a study-wide action plan, detailing a single set of recommendations and key information for all study sites involved in your research - enabling a ‘do once and share’ approach.

The study-wide action plan serves as a central resource to help all sites set-up effectively. It helps to maximise study delivery, enables sites to develop proactive solutions and encourages collaborative working.

The study-wide action plan also works alongside our Clinical Research Network’s good practice principles for local site assessment, arrangement and confirmation of capacity and capability to provide consistency in set-up across all sites. Our national approach ensures your study is set up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you have already been in contact with your Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN), they will already be working on your action plan and will discuss this with you. If you haven’t benefited from previous support from the Network, please contact your LCRN to discuss how we can help with your study.

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If you require any further assistance, or are unsure where to start, please email the Study Support Service Helpdesk:

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