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NIHR’s Race Equality Public Action Group (REPAG) membership


20 April 2022


1.0 - April 2022


NIHR’s Race Equality Public Action Group (REPAG) aims to give racialised communities a stronger voice in shaping priorities for research. It's membership is:

Royston John, NIHR REPAG Public Co-Chair, International CEO of National Coalition Building Institute
Fay Scott, NIHR REPAG Co-Chair and founding member, Lead co-creator of Framework, Senior Public Involvement Manager, NIHR
David Faluyi, NIHR Public Contributor, Lead co-creator of Framework
Bhavna Patel, NIHR Public Contributor
SisDr Sandra Richards, NIHR Public Contributor
Urvashi Sharma, NIHR Public Contributor
Mark Slocombe, NIHR Public Contributor
Andre Tulloch, NIHR Public Contributor
Caroline Barker, Strategic Lead, Patient and Public Involvement, NIHR Clinical Research Facility
Krysia Dziedzic, Director of Impact Accelerator Unit, NIHR Senior Investigator and Professor of Musculoskeletal Therapies, Keele University
Sarah Knowles, Research Fellow, Knowledge Mobilisation, Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York
Pavel Ovseiko, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford and NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre
Jon Cole, Assistant Director, Public Involvement and external engagement, NIHR
Katie Cook, Strategic Oversight lead for the REPAG, Senior Programme manager, NIHR
Kate Holmes, Head of Collaborations, NIHR
Mike Rogers, Assistant Director, Global Health Research, NIHR
Seema Varma, Head of Finance, NIHR