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NIHR Imaging Group Membership


15 July 2021


1.0 - July 2021


Imaging Steering Group

Steering Group Chair: Prof. Stuart Taylor

Dr. Angela Darekar

Prof. Vicky Goh

Dr. Kate Holmes

Prof. Stefan Neubauer

Prof. Andrea Rockall

Dr. Penny Wilson

Imaging Science Working Group

Imaging Science Working Group Chair: Prof. Andrea Rockall

Prof. Anil Bharath

Mr Dominic Cushnam

Dr Simon Doran

Prof. Fiona Gilbert

Mr Chris Geary

Dr Emily Jefferson

Prof. Stefan Neubauer

Prof. Andy Scarsbrook

Prof. Phil White

Research Delivery Working Group

Research Delivery Working Group Chair: Prof. Angela Darekar

Prof. Sally Barrington

Dr Julie Cox

Mr Christopher Herbert

Prof. Dow-Mu Koh

Ms Louise Shalaby

Ms Joanne Thornhill

Ms Marie-Claire Flavin

Workforce Working Group

Workforce Working Group Chair: Prof. Vicky Goh

Dr Anna Barnes

Mr Robert Milner

Dr Tracy O'Regan

Dr Anu Obaro

Dr William Ramsden

Dr Jonathan Rodrigues

Dr Tom Turmezei