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NIHR Reviewers List 2021


10 February 2022




Our community of reviewers play a vital part in maintaining and improving the quality of NIHR projects and outputs. They are sought from a variety of fields, including from those who work in and use health and social care services.

To demonstrate our gratitude to our reviewers and acknowledge the important work they do for our funding programmes, the names of the past year’s reviewers are listed below, along with the funding programmes they have reviewed for.

Key to Acronyms 

Artificial Intelligence Health and Care Award (AI)
Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions (AIM)
Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME)
Evidence Synthesis programme (ESP)
Global Effort on COVID-19 (GECO) Health Research (GECO)
Global Health Policy and Systems Research (GHPSR)
Global Health Research Units and Groups (GHRUG)
Health and Social Care Delivery Research (HSDR)
Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Invention for Innovation (I4I)
Journals Library (Editorial)
Long Covid (LC)
NHS England (NHSE)
Policy Research Programme (PRP)
Pre-Programme Review (Pre-Programme)
Programme Development Grants (PDG)
Programme Grants for Applied Research (PG or PGfAR)
Public Health Research (PHR)
Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation (RIGHT)
Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
Research for Social Care (RfSC)
Technology Assessment Reviews (TAR)


Dr Ukachukwu Abaraogu : RfPB;
Dr Daniel Abasolo : AI;
Dr Qammer Abbasi : I4I;
Professor David Abbott : LC; PRP;
Professor Pamela Abbott : GHRUG;
Dr Patricia Abbott : GHRUG;
Dr Rebecca Abbott : HSDR;
Dr Tom Abbott : HTA;
Dr Adam Abbs : AI;
Dr Tarek Abdel-Fatah : AI;
Mrs Farahrouz Abdollahzadehnamini : PRP;
Dr Musa Abdulkareem : AI;
Dr Khatijah Abdullah : GHRUG;
Dr Hassan Abed : HSDR;
Professor Abhishek Abhishek : AI; Pre Programme; RfPB;
Dr Fraser Abigail : RfPB;
Dr Clare Abley : PG; RfPB;
Dr Vahid Abolghasemi : AI;
Dr Pierre Abomo : GHRUG;
Mr Abdullahi Aborode : GHRUG;
Dr Ruth Abrams : HSDR;
Dr Kate Absolom : RfPB;
Mr Saeed Abubakar : GHRUG;
Dr Felix Achana : PHR;
Mr Shailendra Achawal : HTA;
Dr Juul Achten : PRP;
Mr Roger Ackroyd : EME;
Professor Peymane Adab : LC;
Mrs Lesley Adams : HSDR;
Professor Nicola Adams : Editorial;
Mrs Lindsay Adams-Riley : PRP; RfPB;
Dr Nicola Adderley : AIM;
Dr Morenike Adebusuyi : GHRUG;
Dr Arinola Adefila : RfPB;
Dr Ireti Adejumo : RfPB;
Professor Isaac Adewole : GHRUG;
Mr Adedayo Adeyemo : HTA;
Dr Shaumik Adhya : AI;
Dr Emily Adrion : PRP;
Miss Sola Afuape : AIM;
Professor Suneth Agampodi : GHRUG;
Dr Siddharth Agarwal : GHRUG;
Dr Kiran Agarwal-Harding : GHRUG;
Dr Timothy Agnew : HTA;
Dr Sanjay Agrawal : HSDR;
Professor Kim Ah-See : HTA;
Professor Mark Ahearne : IRS;
Mr Frank Ahfat : HTA;
Dr Naseer Ahmad : RfPB;
Mr Sajjad Ahmad : I4I;
Dr Sara Ahmadi-Abhari : AIM;
Dr Badia Ahmed : AI; LC;
Dr Harry Ahmed : AI;
Professor Samreen Ahmed : HTA;
Dr Saleyha Ahsan : GHRUG;
Professor John Ainsworth : AI; AIM;
Dr Olesya Ajnakina : RfPB;
Dr Nasima Akhter : PRP;
Ms Patricia Akiding : RIGHT;
Mr Jacob Akoh : EME; HTA;
Dr Robert Akparibo : HSDR;
Dr Theophilus Akudjedu : AI;
Dr Kwadwo Akuffo : GHRUG;
Mr Khamis Al-Alawy : GHRUG;
Professor Nawwar Al-Attar : EME;
Mr Farook Al-Azzawi : HTA;
Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi : I4I;
Professor Majdi Al-Hasan : IRS;
Professor Aftab Ala : GHRUG;
Dr Uazman Alam : EME; I4I;
Dr Afshin Alavi : HTA;
Dr Elizabeth Alborough : HSDR;
Dr Mahableshwar Albur : I4I;
Dr Abigail Albutt : PRP;
Dr David Aldulaimi : HTA;
Dr Annet Alenyo Ngabirano : RIGHT;
Dr Aamer Ali : I4I; RfPB;
Mr Haythem Ali : RfPB;
Ms Alison Allam : AIM; RfPB;
Professor Paul Allanson : PHR;
Dr Amanda Allard : PHR;
Mrs Alex Allen : PHR;
Dr Joy Allen : TAR;
Dr Karina Allen : RfPB;
Professor Stephen Allen : GHRUG;
Professor Steven Allender : GHRUG;
Professor Victoria Allgar : EME;
Dr Sarah Allison : LC;
Dr Janice Allister : HSDR;
Dr Janice Allister : PRP;
Dr Rory Allott : RfPB;
Dr Matthew Allsop : AI;
Dr Brian Allwood : RfPB;
Professor Kathryn Almack : RfPB;
Mrs Debora Almeida : HSDR;
Mrs Ofran Almossawi : HTA;
Dr Benjamin Almquist : I4I;
Dr Robin Alston : HTA;
Professor Lucia Altucci : IRS;
Dr Adam Aluisio : RIGHT;
Dr Joseph Aluoch : GHRUG;
Dr Mauricio A Álvarez : AI;
Dr Sakkarai Ambalavanan : HTA;
Dr Kyle Amber : IRS;
Dr Emmanuel Ameh : GHRUG;
Dr Dimitri Amiras : AI;
Dr Mohammad Hossein Amirhosseini : AI;
Mr Nitin Anand : EME;
Professor Sophia Ananiadou : AI;
Mr Paul Andersen : HTA;
Mr Paul Andersen : RfPB;
Miss Anna Anderson : RfPB;
Dr David Anderson : Editorial;
Dr Julia Anderson : PG;
Dr Kirstie Anderson : RfPB;
Dr Niall Anderson : PHR;
Dr Pippa Anderson : LC;
Professor Rob Anderson : HSDR;
Mr Robert Anderson : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Rachel Anderson De Cuevas : GHRUG;
Dr Monique Andersson : RfPB;
Dr Sreeman Andole : HSDR;
Dr Ruth Andrew : GHRUG;
Mr Peter Andrews : LC;
Dr Lazaros Andronis : HTA;
Dr Elsa Angelini : AI;
Dr Cornelius Ani : HTA;
Dr Kofi Anie : GHRUG;
Mr Mark Anslow : HSDR;
Professor Quentin Anstee : AI;
Dr Deborah Antcliff : HTA; Pre Programme;
Dr Grazia Antonacci : RfPB;
Professor Charis Antoniades : I4I;
Miss Daniela Antonova : LC;
Professor Dilichukwu Anumba : LC; RfPB;
Mrs Patricia Apenteng : PRP;
Andy Appelboam : HSDR;
Dr Katherine Appleton : PRP;
Dr Sally Appleyard : RfPB;
Mr Rony Arafin : AI;
Dr Anne Arber : HSDR;
Dr Alejandro Arenas-Pinto : RfPB;
Dr Peter Arkwright : RfPB;
Associate Professor George Armah : GHRUG;
Dr Jo Armes : GHRUG; RfPB;
Professor Christopher Armitage : PHR;
Mrs Samantha Armitage : RfPB;
Mr Matthew Armon : HTA;
Dr Alison Armstrong : Pre Programme;
Professor Ben Armstrong : HSDR;
Dr Darius Armstrong-James : GHRUG;
Dr Perianayagam Arokiasamy : GHRUG;
Professor Bruce Arroll : EME;
Associate Professor Owen Arthurs : HTA;
Professor D K Arvind : I4I;
Dr Miqdad Asaria : AI;
Professor Raimondo Ascione : AI;
Professor Richard Ashcroft : HTA;
Mr Nadeem Ashraf : HTA;
Dr Talat Ashraf : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Hutan Ashrafian : AI;
Dr Andy Ashton : HSDR;
Mrs Helen Ashton : AI; PRP; RfPB;
Ms Helen Ashton : HSDR;
Mr Jack Ashton : AIM; PG; RfPB;
Mr Julian Ashton : AI; AIM; I4I; PG; RfPB;
Ms Jane Ashworth : RfPB;
Mr Berlin Asong : LC;
Professor Richard Aspden : I4I;
Professor Richard Aspinall : AI;
Professor Sheena Asthana : AI; PHR;
Professor Felicity Astin : RfPB;
Professor John Aston : LC;
Dr Amir Atapour Abarghouei : AI;
Dr Sarim Ather : AI;
Mrs Kay Atkin : LC;
Ms Pippa Atkinson : PRP;
Mr Chris Attoe : PRP;
Mr Peter Auguste : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Navneet Aujla : PHR; RfPB;
Dr Nay Aung : AI;
Dr Kamran Avanaki : IRS;
Professor Alison Avenell : HSDR;
Dr Áine Aventin : PHR;
Dr Amanda Avery : LC;
Dr Christina Avgerinou : RfPB;
Dr Liz Avital : PRP;
Dr Hassan Awan : AIM;
Mrs Hannah Awesome : LC;
Mrs Anne Aylward : LC;
Dr Omolola Ayoola : RfPB;
Dr Hojjat Azadbakht : AI;
Dr Shahid Aziz : RfPB; 


Dr Opeyemi Babatunde : GHRUG;
Dr Lakshmi Babu Saheer : AI;
Professor Max Bachmann : HTA;
Mr Jan Badenhorst : HSDR;
Professor Sang-Cheol Bae : IRS;
Professor Anne-Marie Bagnall : RfPB;
Dr Catherine Bagot : PG;
Dr Andrew Bagshaw : AI; RfPB;
Dr Fahd Baig : I4I;
Mrs Carole Bailey : HSDR;
Dr Catherine Bailey : RfPB;
Dr Daniel Bailey : LC; RfPB;
Mr David Bailey : HTA; Pre Programme;
Professor Di Bailey : RfPB;
Dr Phillippa (Pippa) Bailey : HSDR;
Dr Simon Bailey : HSDR;
Ms Sylvia Bailey : HSDR;
Dr Sarah Baillon : RfPB;
Professor Stephen Bain : AI; RfPB;
Mr Chris Bainbridge : RfPB;
Dr Richard Baines : RfPB;
Professor Wendy Baird : LC;
Mrs Marie Baistow : PRP;
Dr Katherine Baker : PRP;
Dr Kenneth Baker : HTA;
Mr Paul Baker : RfPB;
Professor Rose Baker : HSDR;
Dr Meena Balasubramanian : RfPB;
Dr Laurence Baldwin : RfPB;
Dr Lucy Baldwin : RfPB;
Dr Sharin Baldwin : RfPB;
Professor Adam Balen : HTA;
Dr Julie Balen : GHRUG;
Professor Jonathan Ball : LC;
Professor Clive Ballard : HSDR;
Mr Richard Ballerand : I4I;
Dr Michael Ballesteros : RIGHT;
Dr Claire Balmer : HTA;
Miss Elizabeth Balmer : LC;
Professor Clare Bambra : LC; PHR;
Professor Dr Prithwish Banerjee : HTA;
Professor Udai Banerji : EME;
Dr Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas : GHRUG;
Mrs Ann Banks : RfPB;
Dr Duncan Banks : PRP;
Dr Jon Banks : AI;
Miss Nikiara Banton : RfPB;
Miss Tanisha Banton : AI; RfPB;
Dr Paul Barach : HSDR;
Professor David Barber : AI;
Dr Matteo Barberis : I4I;
Mrs Jeribelle Barcelona : RfPB;
Dr Nicola Barclay : RfPB;
Dr Beth Bareham : RfPB;
Dr Adrian Barker : PHR;
Professor Karen Barker : LC; RfPB;
Miss Ruth Barker : HSDR;
Professor Elizabeth Barley : HSDR;
Dr Sally Barlow : RfPB;
Professor Payam Barnaghi : AI; AIM;
Professor Jacqueline Barnes : RfPB;
Professor Michael Barnes : LC;
Ms Rachel Barnes : HSDR;
Professor Tony Barnett : LC;
Dr Kirsten Barnicot : RfPB;
Dr Susannah Baron : HTA;
Dr Helen Barratt : HSDR;
Mr Jack Barrett : RfPB;
Mrs Joanne Barrett : RfPB;
Ms Katherine Barrett : RfPB;
Dr Tristan Barrett : RfPB;
Louise Barriball : HSDR;
Dr Thomas Barrick : I4I;
Professor Enrique Barros : GHRUG;
Dr Suzanne Bartington : GHRUG;
Miss Victoria Bartle : HTA;
Dr Ruth Bartlett : RfPB;
Professor Michael Barton : IRS;
Dr Hasan Basarir : HTA;
Mr Rodney Basford : HTA; IRS;
Dr Helen Baston : HSDR;
Dr Anna Basu : RfPB;
Dr Sayan Basu : IRS;
Dr Veronique Bataille : PG;
Professor Paul Batchelor : PHR;
Professor Andrew Bateman : RfPB;
Mrs Sheena Bateman : HTA;
Mr Alexander Bates : HTA;
Professor David Bates : AIM;
Professor Imelda Bates : GHRUG;
Ms Rachel Bath : PHR;
Professor Philip Batterham : IRS;
Professor Rachel Batterham : PG;
Dr Neha Batura : HTA;
Ms Annette Bauer : HSDR;
Professor Andreas Baumbach : RfPB;
Dr Miriam Baumgarten : HTA;
Dr Ganesh Bavikatte : I4I;
Dr Zaheer Bayat : GHRUG;
Professor Antony Bayer : PG; RfPB;
Dr Katie Bayfield : HTA;
Professor Richard Bayford : AI; I4I;
Dr Julie Bayley : EME;
Associate Professor Joel Bazira : GHRUG;
Ms Michelle Beacock : HSDR;
Professor David Beard : Editorial; HTA;
Mrs Marguerite Beard-Gould : AI; AIM; HTA; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Lee Beaumont : PHR;
Mrs Joan Bedlington : HSDR;
Dr Carol Bedwell : HSDR;
Dr Suzanne Beeke : I4I;
Dr Rebecca Beeken : RfPB;
Dr Andrew Beggs : RfPB;
Dr Nicholas Behn : RfPB;
Mrs Renée Behrens : HTA;
Dr Kevin Behrns : IRS;
Dr Lucy Beishon : RfPB;
Dr Judith Bek : I4I;
Dr Kerry Bell : HTA;
Dr Samira Bell : RfPB;
Mrs Sharon Bell : RfPB;
Professor Ilaria Bellantuono : AIM;
Dr Geoff Bellingan : EME;
Ms Annalisa Belloni : PHR;
Dr Rebecca Bendayan : Editorial;
Professor Flemming Bendtsen : IRS;
Professor Jonathan Benger : RfPB;
Mr Trevor Benn : I4I; RfPB;
Professor Kim Bennell : I4I;
Dr Tellen Bennett : IRS;
Dr James Bentham : AI;
Dr Andrew Bentley : Pre Programme; RfPB;
Dr Paul Bentley : I4I;
Dr Bethan Benwell : HSDR;
Dr Christos Bergeles : AI;
Dr Maria Berghs : GHRUG;
Professor James Berkley : LC;
Mrs Lindy Berkman : RfPB;
Professor David Berlowitz : I4I;
Professor William Bernal : EME;
Dr Janet Berrington : RfPB;
Dr Vashti Berry : RfPB;
Professor Pascal Bessong : GHRUG;
Professor David Best : PRP;
Ms Fiona Beyer : RfPB;
Dr Caryl Beynon : PRP;
Professor Satish Bhagwanjee : RIGHT;
Mr Aneel Bhangu : GHRUG;
Dr Rahul Bharat : AI;
Professor Anil Bharath : AIM;
Dr Rahul Bhat : AI;
Dr Rahul Bhattacharya : RfPB;
Dr Sohinee Bhattacharya : PG;
Dr Sharmi Bhattacharyya : Editorial;
Dr Nawaraj Bhattarai : HTA;
Ms Ruby Bhatti : HSDR;
Dr Amarnath Bhide : HTA; RfPB;
Dr Angshu Bhowmik : HTA;
Dr Sunil Kishore Bhudia : I4I;
Professor Debra Bick : RfPB;
Mr Colin Bicknell : RfPB;
Ms Sarah Bicknell : RfPB;
Professor Luc Bidaut : GHRUG;
Dr Julia Bidonde : RIGHT;
Ms Suzanne Biers : HTA;
Dr Laura Biggart : I4I;
Dr Muhammad Bilal : AI;
Dr Jo Billings : LC;
Dr Alison Binns : I4I;
Professor Julian Bion : HSDR;
Professor Gretchen Birbeck : RfPB;
Dr Anthony Birch : RfPB;
Associate Professor Brian Birch : HTA;
Mr David Bird : HTA;
Dr Thomas Bird : LC;
Professor Victoria Bird : RfPB;
Mrs Jacqueline Birks : HTA;
Professor Yvonne Birks : RfPB;
Dr Malenka Bissell : AI; RfPB;
Dr Susan Bissett : HSDR;
Ms Sian Bithell : LC;
Ms Sarah Bittlestone : AI;
Professor Einar Bjornsson : IRS;
Dr Georgia Black : HSDR;
Dr Gill Black : GHRUG;
Dr Mairead Black : HTA;
Professor Sir Nick Black : LC;
Dr Daniel Blackburn : HSDR;
Mr Anthony Blacker : RfPB;
Professor Bronagh Blackwood : LC; PG;
Dr Milica Blagojevic-Bucknall : HTA;
Professor Joanne Blair : HTA;
Dr Richard Blanch : RfPB;
Dr David Blane : AIM; RfPB;
Professor Jane Blazeby : EME; Pre Programme;
Mr Anthony Bleetman : HSDR;
Mr Ian Blenkharn : HSDR;
Professor John Blenkinsopp : HSDR;
Dr Ingrid Bleynat : RIGHT;
Professor Karen Bloor : LC;
Professor Arnon Blum : IRS;
Mrs Wendy Blunden : IRS; RfPB;
Dr Michele Board : RfPB;
Ms Doreen Boddy : HTA;
Professor Janet Boddy : LC;
Professor Kristien Boelaert : HTA;
Dr Florien Boele : RfPB;
Professor Debby Bogaert : LC;
Professor Jacky Boivin : LC;
Mr Andy Bojke : HTA;
Professor Chris Bojke : RfPB;
Dr Jason Boland : RfPB;
Ms Helen Bold : HTA;
Dr Stephane Bolduc : IRS;
Mr Sean Bolton : I4I; RfPB;
Professor Christine Bond : HSDR; HTA;
Dr David Boniface : HSDR;
Dr Eva-Maria Bonin : HTA;
Dr Matthew Booker : HSDR; LC;
Dr Steven Boorman : HSDR;
Miss Michaela Booth : PHR;
Dr Ekaterina Bordea : RfPB;
Dr Shyamanga Borooah : I4I;
Professor Consuelo Borras : IRS;
Dr Enrico Borrelli : IRS;
Emeritus Professor Nick Bosanquet : HSDR;
Ms Leena Bose : GHRUG;
Ms Jennifer Bostock : AI; I4I;
Dr Vanessa Botan : HSDR;
Professor Alex Bottle : HSDR;
Dr Laura Boubert : PG;
Mr Llewellyn Boucher : RfPB;
Dr Harriet Boulding : PRP;
Mrs Heather Boult : AI; RfPB;
Mr Maurice Bourke : HTA;
Mrs Janet Bouttell : HSDR; LC;
Professor Peter Bower : Editorial; LC; PRP;
Professor Alison Bowes : LC;
Mrs Joanne Bowkett : HSDR;
Dr Juliana Bowles : AIM;
Dr Matthew Boyd : RfPB;
Dr Owen Boyd : HTA;
Dr Adrian Boyle : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr John Boyle : LC;
Mr Mike Bradburn : EME; HSDR; HTA;
Professor Caroline Bradbury-Jones : PHR;
Dr Alexandria Bradley : RfPB;
Dr Jill Bradshaw : HSDR;
Professor Sir Michael Brady : AI;
Professor Sally Brailsford : LC;
Dr Louise Bramley : HSDR;
Ms Kay Branch : HTA;
Mr Simon Brassel : HSDR;
Dr Dominic Bray : RfPB;
Professor Jeremy Bray : PHR;
Dr Lucy Bray : HTA;
Dr Matthew Breckons : HSDR;
Dr Miriam Bredella : IRS;
Dr Yolandi Breet : GHRUG;
Dr Katie Breheny : HTA;
Professor Neil Bressloff : I4I;
Dr Obed Brew : AI;
Ms Chris Brew-Graves : GHRUG;
Professor James Brewer : EME;
Dr Timothy Brewer : IRS;
Dr Liz Brewster : PRP;
Dr Nicola Bridges : RfPB;
Professor Andrew Briggs : PRP;
Dr Lisa Brighton : RfPB;
Dr Dennis Briley : EME;
Dr Simon Brill : LC;
Dr Steve Brinksman : PRP;
Mr Phillip Brittain : PHR;
Professor Annie Britton : AIM;
Dr Edward Brodkin : IRS;
Dr Malcolm Brodlie : LC;
Professor Mireille Broeders : IRS;
Mrs Karen Brombley : RfPB;
Dr Judy Brook : HSDR;
Professor Joanne Brooke : RfPB;
Professor Dawn Brooker : Editorial;
Mrs Cassandra Brookes : HTA;
Professor Matthew Brookes : HTA;
Mr Edmund Brooks : AI; AIM; PG; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Helen Brooks : AI; LC;
Mr Marcus Brooks : HTA;
Dr Emma Broome : RfPB;
Professor Sinead Brophy : LC; RIGHT;
Ms Ashley Brown : RfPB;
Dr Ben Brown : AI;
Mr Chris Brown : HTA;
Professor Graham Brown : IRS;
Dr Heather Brown : HTA; PHR;
Dr James Brown : AI; HSDR;
Professor Jayne Brown : AI;
Professor Jeremy Brown : HSDR; HTA; LC;
Mrs Jo Brown : RfPB;
Dr Jonathan Brown : TAR;
Associate Professor Julie Brown : GHRUG; RIGHT;
Dr Louise Brown : EME;
Professor Marc Brown : RfPB;
Professor Michael Brown : RfPB;
Dr Susan Brown : PRP;
Dr Thomas Brown : RfPB;
Dr Alexander Brownlee : AI;
Dr Lorelle Brownlee : AI;
Professor Eric Brunner : AI;
Professor Nigel Brunskill : RfPB;
Mr Don Bryant : PRP;
Dr Marie Bryce : HSDR;
Professor Petra Brysiewicz : RIGHT;
Dr Gareth Bryson : AI;
Professor John Buckley : GHRUG;
Professor Roger Buckley : I4I;
Dr Stefanie Buckner : PHR;
Professor Eric Bui : IRS;
Dr Arjan Buis : I4I;
Ms Anita Bukhay : GHRUG;
Miss Kim Bul : RfPB;
Dr Richard Bull : HTA;
Mr Diederik Bulters : HTA;
Mrs Elspeth Bunker : LC;
Professor Frances Bunn : AIM;
Dr Lisa Bunn : RfPB;
Professor Brendan Bunting : LC;
Dr Rochelle Burgess : GHRUG;
Dr Hassan Burhan : I4I;
Dr Shaunna Burke : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Victoria Burmester : PRP;
Dr Anne-Marie Burn : PRP;
Dr Graham Burns : EME;
Professor Jan Burns : RfPB;
Dr Jennifer Burton : HTA;
Professor Kim Burton : PRP;
Professor Mark Burton : HSDR;
Dr Robyn Burton : PRP;
Professor Andrew Bush : EME;
Professor Monica Busse : HSDR;
Dr Sarah Butchard : HSDR;
Dr John Butler : HSDR; HTA;
Mr Matthew Butler : AI;
Mrs Philippa Butler : LC;
Professor Richard Byng : HSDR; LC;
Dr Anthony Byrne : HTA;
Professor Christopher Byrne : RfPB;
Mr James Byrne : EME;


Dr Noriko Cable : AI; AIM;
Dr Jill Cadwgan : HTA;
Dr Sonja Caffe : GHRUG;
Sharon Cahill : HSDR;
Dr David Cairns : HTA;
Dr Melinda Cairns : HTA;
Ms Martine Caitlan : Pre Programme;
Professor Philip Calder : LC;
Professor Alison Calear : IRS;
Professor Praminda Caleb-Solly : AI;
Mrs Patricia Callaghan : LC;
Mrs Pauline Callagher : RfPB;
Professor Mark Callaway : HTA;
Professor Michael Calnan : LC;
Professor Peter Calverley : I4I;
Ms Jenny Camaradou : HTA; LC; PG; RfPB;
Mr Brian Cameron : Pre Programme;
Professor David Cameron : Editorial;
Dr Ewen Cameron : RfPB;
Professor Fergus Cameron : RfPB;
Dr Philip Camilleri : HTA;
Dr Anna Campbell : HSDR;
Dr Colin Campbell : AIM;
Ms Heather Campbell : EME; LC;
Professor Jackie Campbell : Editorial; HSDR; LC;
Professor John Campbell : HSDR; HTA;
Mrs Sadie Campbell : GHRUG;
Dr Stephanie Campbell : RfPB;
Dr Natasha Campling : HSDR;
Mr Javier Campos Zabala : AI;
Mrs Sarah Candy : LC;
Dr Andrew Caplan : HSDR;
Mr Colin Capner : AIM; RfPB;
Professor Claudia Cardoso : GHRUG;
Dr Angharad Care : EME;
Dr Marian Carey : HTA;
Dr Angelo Carfi' : LC;
Dr Gabrielle Carlson : IRS;
Professor Simon Carney : HTA;
Dr Joseph Carpenter : RIGHT;
Dr Siobhan Carr : AI;
Dr Susan Carr : HSDR;
Professor Giuseppe Carrà : IRS;
Dr Daniele Carrieri : HTA;
Dr William Carroll : HTA;
Dr Ben Carter : HTA;
Dr Lesley-Anne Carter : LC;
Mrs Mary Carter : HSDR;
Dr Lauren Carters-White : PRP;
Dr Hannah Carver : HSDR;
Professor Fergus Caskey : EME;
Dr Sarah Cassidy : RfPB;
Dr Alexander Casson : AI;
Professor Sergio Castro : GHRUG;
Dr Enrique Castro-Sanchez : GHRUG;
Miss Beth Caswell : HSDR;
Dr Matthew Catterall : HSDR;
Dr Judith Cave : HTA;
Miss Joanna Cavill : LC; LC;
Ms Clare Celea : HSDR;
Dr Leo Anthony Celi : IRS;
Mr Rohit Chahal : HTA;
Professor Indranil Chakravorty : AI; RfPB;
Dr Kirsty Challen : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Sarah Chamberlain Mitchell : RfPB;
Ms Eleni Chambers : LC;
Ms Jenny Chambers : HTA;
Professor Ruth Chambers : HSDR;
Dr Stephanie Chambers : PRP;
Dr Goylette Chami : GHRUG;
Dr Nida Chammas : HTA;
Mrs Janet Champion : RfPB;
Mr David Chandler : AIM; I4I; IRS; RfPB;
Mr David Chandler : AI;
Dr Kiara Chang : PRP;
Dr Stacey Chang-Douglass : HTA; PHR;
Mr Stephen Chapman : HTA;
Mr Philip Chapman-Sheath : HSDR;
Professor Christopher Chapple : HTA;
Mr Charalambos Charalambous : HSDR;
Professor Karen Charlton : GHRUG;
Mr Paul Charlton : AI; RfPB;
Professor Andy Charlwood : PRP;
Dr Munmun Chattopadhyay : IRS;
Dr Nazia Chaudhuri : LC;
Professor Anoop Chauhan : I4I;
Dr Jagmohan Chauhan : AI;
Professor Kath Checkland : LC;
Ms Debbie Cheeseman : HSDR;
Dr Henglien Chen : PHR; RfPB;
Dr Jing Chen : IRS;
Dr Liam Chen : IRS;
Dr Xi Chen : AI;
Dr Yan Chen : AI;
Professor Kk Cheng : LC;
Dr V-Lin Cheong : AIM;
Dr Rachel Chester : RfPB;
Professor Ian Chetter : I4I;
Dr Carol Cheung : IRS;
Dr Chee Kay Cheung : EME;
Professor Tim Chico : AI; HTA;
Ms Annette Chingandu : RIGHT;
Professor Nachiappan Chockalingam : I4I;
Dr Huey Yi Chong : HTA;
Dr Maria Chorozoglou : HTA;
Dr Anirban Chowdhury : AI;
Dr Janice Christie : PHR;
Professor Nicola Christie : PHR;
Professor Anthony Chu : HTA;
Dr Kia-Chong Chua : HSDR;
Dr Emma Ming Chung : I4I;
Professor Kian Fan Chung : LC;
Mrs Joanne Chwalko : PRP;
Dr Isabelle Citron : GHRUG;
Dr Christopher Clark : HSDR;
Professor Emma Clark : PG;
Professor Michael Clark : HSDR;
Scott Clark : IRS;
Professor Stephen Clark : HTA;
Professor Angus Clarke : RfPB;
Professor Carl Clarke : EME;
Professor Charlotte Clarke : HSDR;
Dr Shane Clarke : HSDR;
Dr Matt Clarkson : AI;
Dr Paul Clarkson : AI; PHR;
Dr Denis Cleaver : AI; RfPB;
Professor Andrew Clegg : HTA;
Professor Andrew Clegg : I4I;
Dr Christine Cleghorn : PHR;
Professor Jennifer Cleland : Editorial;
Ms Clare Clement : HTA;
Dr Stacy Clemes : PHR;
Ms Kate Clift : RfPB;
Dr Lei Clifton : HTA;
Professor Jacqueline Close : RIGHT;
Ms Gemma Clunie : HSDR;
Dr Wendy Clyne : PRP;
Professor Joanna Coast : PHR;
Associate Professor Laura Coates : EME; HTA;
Mrs Hilary Coates-Macdonald : Pre Programme;
Dr Jon Cobb : AI;
Professor Justin Cobb : EME;
Mr Martin Cobley : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Oana Cocarascu : AI;
Professor Sandy Cochran : RfPB;
Dr Madeleine Cochrane : HTA;
Professor Sir Donald Cockcroft : IRS;
Dr Kim Cocks : LC;
Mr Richard Cohen : EME; HTA;
Dr Alessandro Colasanti : LC;
Professor Paul Colditz : GHRUG; HTA;
Ms Joanne Cole : RfPB;
Miss Carol Coleman : HSDR; I4I;
Dr Marianne Coleman : EME;
Dr Joanna Collingwood : I4I;
Dr Brendan Collins : PHR; PRP;
Dr Jean Collins : HSDR;
Dr Kathryn Collins : EME; HSDR;
Dr Linda Collins : I4I;
Dr Tracy Collins : RfPB;
Dr Paul Collinson : HTA;
Mr Philip Collis : RfPB;
Dr Rachel Colls : HSDR;
Dr Christopher Colvin : GHRUG;
Dr Nicholas Combes : RfPB;
Dr Alejandro Comellas : IRS;
Dr Paul Comfort : RfPB;
Professor Alison Condliffe : LC;
Professor Louise Condon : PRP;
Professor Nathan Congdon : EME;
Professor Peter Congdon : GHRUG;
Dr John Conibear : HTA;
Dr Anne Connolly : HTA;
Dr Jim Connolly : HTA;
Dr Nailah Conrad : GHRUG;
Dr Elizabeth Conroy : GHRUG;
Professor Simon Conroy : I4I;
Professor Andrew Coogan : PG;
Professor Edwin Cook : IRS;
Mrs Karen Cook : AI; LC;
Professor Penny Cook : PHR;
Dr Mary Cooke : HTA; TAR;
Dr John Cookson : HTA;
Dr Sue Coomber : LC;
Professor Claudia Cooper : LC; RfPB;
Mr Daniel Cooper : AIM; I4I; RfPB;
Dr David Cooper : LC;
Dr Hannah Cooper : HSDR;
Professor Kay Cooper : PHR;
Dr Richard Cooper : PRP;
Professor Sally-Ann Cooper : HTA;
Dr Sue Cooper : RfPB;
Ms Susan Cooper : HTA;
Professor Andrew Cope : AIM;
Dr Andy Cope : PHR;
Dr Thomas Cope : RfPB;
Dr Caroline Copeland : AIM;
Mrs Fiona Copeland : EME;
Dr Teresa M. Coque : IRS;
Dr Paula Corcoran : PRP;
Dr Lynsey Corless : RfPB;
Mr Gareth Cornell : HTA;
Dr Tony Cornford : GHRUG;
Mrs Julie Cornish : EME; HTA;
Associate Professor Ignacio Correa-Velez : GHRUG;
Dr Melissa Cortina : GHRUG;
Dr Stephen Cose : GHRUG;
Dr Sergi Costafreda Gonzalez : Editorial;
Dr Elizabeth Cotton : PRP;
Dr Diarmuid Coughlan : HTA;
Dr Elizabeth Coulthard : AI; PHR;
Professor Simon Coulton : HTA; PHR;
Dr Keith Couper : I4I;
Dr Peter Coventry : AIM;
Professor Fiona Cowdell : LC;
Dr Aynsley Cowie : RfPB;
Ms Hilary Cowie : PHR;
Professor Martin Cowie : AI;
Dr Alison Cowley : HTA;
Ms Sarah Cowperthwaite : HTA; PG;
Mr Edward Cox : HTA;
Dr Natalie Cox : HTA;
Dr Nigel Cox : HSDR;
Mr David Coyle : EME;
Professor Victoria Coyle : EME;
Dr Laurentiu Craciunas : HTA;
Emeritus Professor Alan Craft : GHRUG;
Ms Joyce Craig : LC;
Professor Peter Craig : PHR;
Professor Fiona Cramp : Pre Programme;
Professor Amelia Crampin : AI;
Dr Tamaryn Crankshaw : GHRUG;
Dr Hayley Crawford : PRP;
Professor Mike Crawford : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Robin Crawford : Pre Programme;
Dr Grainne Crealey : HTA;
Professor Siobhan Creanor : LC;
Natalie Creary : HSDR;
Dr David Crepaz-Keay : HSDR; PHR;
Professor Cathy Creswell : I4I;
Dr Tatjana Crnogorac-Jurcevic : RfPB;
Miss Katie Crockford : LC;
Professor Peter Croft : LC;
Professor David Cromwell : Editorial;
Dr Michael Crooks : RfPB;
Professor Emma Crosbie : Pre Programme;
Professor Ian Cross : RfPB;
Professor Robert Crouch : RfPB;
Dr Paul Crouchman : HSDR;
Professor Tim Croudace : AIM;
Mrs Jennifer Crow : HSDR;
Dr Francesca Crowe : RfPB;
Dr Kenda Crozier : RfPB;
Dr Madeline Cruice : RfPB;
Dr Susanne Cruickshank : LC;
Professor Sebastian Crutch : RfPB;
Dr Carole Cummins : LC;
Professor Steven Cummins : PHR;
Dr Andrew Cumpstey : EME;
Dr Nicholas Gerard Cunniffe : AI;
Professor Steve Cunningham : EME; I4I; LC;
Dr Rachael Curley : RfPB;
Dr Charlotte Currie : HSDR; Pre Programme;
Dr Jane Currie : RfPB;
Dr Nicola Curry : EME;
Dr Martin Curtice : HTA;
Professor Tom Curtis : GHRUG;
Dr Vickie Curtis : GHRUG;
Professor Jack Cuzick : RfPB;
Dr Gabriela Czanner : AI; EME; 


Dr Rebecca D'Cruz : HTA;
Professor Lyndon Da Cruz : RfPB;
Ms Alero Dabor : AI; RfPB;
Dr Helen Dakin : HTA;
Dr Stephanie Daley : PG;
Dr Mary Dalgleish : HTA; RfPB;
Chiara Dall'Ora : HSDR;
Dr Luciana Dalla Valle : AI;
Dr Deirdre Daly : RfPB;
Mr Neil Daly : RfPB;
Dr Hajira Dambha-Miller : AI;
Dr Sarah Damery : AIM; LC;
Dr Theodoros Damoulas : AIM;
Dr Madhumita Dandapani : GHRUG;
Professor Rakhi Dandona : GHRUG;
Professor Jane Daniels : RfPB;
Dr Thomas Daniels : EME;
Ms Ceri Dare : HSDR;
Professor Ara Darzi : GHRUG;
Dr Abhijit Das : AI;
Dr Deepankar Datta : I4I;
Dr Soha Dattani : LC;
Professor Brian Davidson : EME;
Dr Ian Davidson : HSDR;
Dr Alisha Davies : PHR;
Dr Alun Davies : GHRUG; HTA;
Dr Ben Davies : HTA;
Dr Charlotte Davies : PRP;
Dr Elizabeth Davies : RfPB;
Dr Gwyneth Davies : AI; RfPB;
Professor Jane Davies : I4I;
Dr Karen Davies : EME;
Professor Kevin Davies : RfPB;
Mr Nathan Davies : AI; I4I; IRS; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Nathan Davies : RfPB;
Mr Neville Davies : HTA;
Dr Philippa Davies : HTA;
Dr Jason Davis : I4I;
Miss Megan Davis : LC;
Dr Nikki Davis : PG; RfPB;
Dr Peter Davis : HTA;
Honorary Professor Tim Davis : HTA;
Professor Tim Davis : RfPB;
Professor Helen Dawes : HTA;
Ms Bryony Dawkins : Editorial;
Dr Lynne Dawkins : PRP;
Mrs Annabel Dawson : AI; HTA;
Ms Hazel Dawson : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Judith Dawson : HSDR;
Mrs Ruth Day : AI; EME; I4I; PG; RfPB;
Dr Mark Dayer : HTA;
Professor Paola Dazzan : HSDR; LC;
Professor John De Caestecker : RfPB;
Ms Astrid De Gaste : LC;
Dr Christian De Goede : EME;
Dr Gideon De Jong : HSDR;
Dr Paola De Pablo : EME;
Dr Eduardo De Pablo-Fernández : AI;
Dr Nick De Pennington : LC;
Professor Baukje De Roos : LC;
Professor Anthony De Soyza : PG;
Dr Danielle De Villiers : RfPB;
Professor Frank De Vocht : LC;
Dr Jutte J.C. De Vries : IRS;
Professor Luc De Witte : AI; LC;
Ms Caroline Dean : EME; HSDR;
Dr Laura Dean : GHRUG;
Professor Sarah Dean : LC;
Mrs Liz Deane : HTA;
Mr Jeremy Dearling : HTA;
Professor Sanjukta Deb : I4I;
Professor Samuel Debrah : GHRUG;
Mr Eric Deeson : HSDR; PHR;
Dr Manuela Deidda : PHR;
Dr Elsa Delgado-Angulo : HSDR;
Miss Patricia Isabel Delley : EME;
Dr Nina Dempsey-Hibbert : AI;
Dr Sarah Denford : RfPB;
Dr Louise Denne : RfPB;
Miss Delanie Dennie : AI;
Professor David Denning : GHRUG;
Professor Ashley Dennison : RfPB;
Professor Elaine Dennison : RfPB;
Professor Elaine Denny : HSDR;
Professor Mike Dent : RIGHT;
Mrs Laura Deriu : HTA;
Dr Sanjeev Deshpande : HTA;
Dr Nicola Desmond : GHRUG;
Professor Nandita Desouza : RfPB;
Dr Delanjathan Devakumar : GHRUG;
Ms Hilda Devi : GHRUG;
Ms Madeleine Devon : HSDR;
Dr Christopher Dewhurst : HTA;
Dr Felicity Dewhurst : HTA;
Mr Ashif Dhanani : AI;
Miss Tasneem Dhanji : HTA;
Dr Anjan Dhar : HTA;
Professor Waljit Dhillo : RfPB;
Dr Paola Di Meglio : RfPB;
Professor Clelia Di Serio : LC;
Dr Karin Diaconu : RIGHT;
Professor Nawar Diar Bakerly : RfPB;
Professor Christine Dickinson : RfPB;
Dr Robert Dickinson : LC;
Dr Fiona Dignan : HTA;
Professor Lisa Dikomitis : LC;
Professor John Dillon : EME;
Mr Konstantinos Dimitropoulos : HTA;
Miss Nora Dimitrova : HSDR; LC;
Dr Konstantinos Dimopoulos : RfPB;
Miss Christiana Dinah : HTA;
Dr Yan Ding : RIGHT;
Dr Jerome Dinga : GHRUG;
Dr Jacqueline Dinnes : AI; HTA;
Dr Lucy Dipper : RfPB;
Ms Jan Dixon : HTA;
Dr Padraig Dixon : HTA;
Dr Ronald Dixon : RfPB;
Professor Sabina Dizdarevic : RfPB;
Dr Tan Doan : Editorial; HSDR;
Dr Rebecca Dobra : RfPB;
Dr Faiyaz Doctor : AI;
Dr James Dodd : RfPB;
Dr Huseyin Dogan : AI;
Mr Jp Doherty : LC;
Dr Kathy Doherty : PRP;
Dr Sunil Dolwani : HTA;
Dr Sunil Dolwani : AI;
Dr Graeme Donald : RfPB;
Dr Sara Donetto : HTA;
Professor Feng Dong : AIM;
Professor Tao Dong : LC;
Professor Peter Donkor : RIGHT;
Dr Olly Donnelly : EME;
Mr Peter Donnelly : HSDR;
Dr Maggie Donovan-Hall : HTA;
Professor Denise Doolan : IRS;
Dr Katie Doores : LC;
Professor Caroline Dore : EME;
Mrs Shanaz Dorkenoo : RfPB;
Professor Anthony Dorling : EME;
Mrs Carole Dorling : HTA;
Professor Nadine Dougall : HSDR; PHR;
Professor Julia Downing : HSDR;
Professor Christopher Dowrick : LC;
Dr Matthew Doyle : HTA;
Professor Pat Doyle : LC;
Professor Marcus Drake : HTA;
Dr Richard Drake : EME;
Dr Sarah Drew : RfPB;
Mr Stephen Drew : Pre Programme;
Professor Chris Drinkwater : HSDR;
Dr Joanne Droney : RfPB;
Dr Katie Druce : RfPB;
Professor Avril Drummond : LC;
Dr Simon Drysdale : Editorial;
Dr Wenting Duan : AI;
Dr Jan Dudley : EME;
Dr Sandra Dudley : I4I;
Ms Tammy Dufty : HTA;
Professor Jo Dumville : RfPB;
Dr Alastair Duncan : RfPB;
Professor John Duncan : TAR;
Dr Alison Dunkley : RfPB;
Dr Abigail Dunn : RfPB;
Associate Professor Barney Dunn : HTA;
Dr Leith Dunn : GHRUG;
Dr Ross Dunne : I4I;
Dr Emma Dures : LC;
Dr Hannah Durrington : I4I;
Susan Dutton : LC;
Dr Ashish Dwivedi : GHRUG;
Ms Fiona Dyer : HSDR;
Dr Wendy Dyer : Editorial; PG;

Professor Krysia Dziedzic : LC;  


Ms Heather Eames : HTA;
Mr Ian Eardley : HTA;
Mr William Eardley : RfPB;
Mr Kevin Easom : PG;
Dr Abigail Easter : RfPB;
Professor Matthias Eberl : LC;
Professor Christopher Eccleston : HTA;
Dr Julian Edbrooke-Childs : RfPB;
Dr Natalie Edelman : PHR;
Mr Stephen Edgar : AI; PG; RfPB;
Mrs Rachael Edgerton : EME;
Dr Richard Edlin : HSDR;
Mrs Deborah Edwards : Editorial;
Dr J Guy Edwards : HTA;
Ms Jacky Edwards : I4I;
Professor Joanne Edwards : AI;
Dr John Edwards : HSDR; RfPB;
Professor Mark Edwards : EME;
Dr Zoe Edwards : HSDR;
Professor Anke Ehlers : RfPB;
Dr Touraj Ehtezazi : PG;
Professor Tim Eisen : RfPB;
Mrs Marilyn Ekers : HSDR;
Mr Peter Obwana Ekiikina : RIGHT;
Dr Nancy El-Farargy : HSDR;
Dr Austen El-Osta : AI;
Professor James Elander : RfPB;
Mr Keith Elder : IRS;
Mr Andrew Elders : HTA;
Dr Jo Ellins : Editorial;
Professor Rachel Elliott : HTA; LC;
Dr Clare Ellis-Smith : PG;
Dr Ian Ellison-Wright : HSDR;
Professor Louisa Ells : PHR;
Dr Sohier Elneil : PG;
Professor Heather Elphick : HTA; I4I; LC;
Dr Vicki Elsey : PRP;
Dr Ahmed Elsharkawy : GHRUG;
Dr Hany Elsheikha : HTA;
Professor Paul Emery : RfPB;
Professor Sean Emery : GHRUG;
Ms Carol Emmas : HTA; IRS; RfPB;
Mr Michael Emmerich : GHRUG;
Professor Hedley Emsley : I4I;
Dr Barbara Engel : RfPB;
Dr Andrew England : AI;
Dr Clare England : HTA;
Professor Timothy England : HTA; LC;
Professor Jane Entwistle : GHRUG;
Dr David Epstein : HTA;
Dr Tracy Epton : LC;
Professor Yolanda Eraso : AIM;
Professor Aneez Esmail : LC;
Dr Pedro Estrela : I4I;
Mr Michael Etkind : PHR;
Miss Holly Evans : HSDR;
Mr John Evans : EME;
Dr Kerry Evans : RfPB;
Associate Professor Philip Evans : PHR;
Dr Shirley Evans : HSDR; PG; RfPB;
Dr Thomas Everett : HTA;
Professor Hazel Everitt : HTA;
Dr Sean Ewings : HTA;
Dr Ingrid Eyers : HSDR;
Dr Andy Eynon : HTA; 


Dr Chiara Fabbri : IRS;
Ms Iona Fabian : LC;
Professor Tom Fahey : EME; HTA;
Professor Jeremy Fairbank : RfPB;
Dr Ruth Fairchild : HSDR;
Ms Caroline Fairhurst : HTA;
Dr Muhammad Faisal : I4I;
Professor Jamila Faivre : IRS;
Dr Apostolos Fakis : HTA;
Dr Marie Falahee : AIM;
Professor James Fallon : IRS;
Mrs Emma Fallows : EME;
Dr Naleef Fareed : IRS;
Ms Rita Faria : EME; HTA;
Dr Nicolas Farina : RfPB;
Dr Amanda Farley : PHR;
Professor Andrew Farmer : RfPB;
Dr Caroline Farmer : HTA;
Professor Christopher Farmer : HSDR; RfPB;
Mr Gareth Farnan-Jones : HSDR;
Dr Allison Farnworth : HSDR;
Dr Barbara Farquharson : HSDR;
Dr Tracey Farragher : HSDR; PHR;
Dr Katayoun Farrahi : LC;
Professor Paul Farrand : LC;
Dr Matthew Farrow : I4I;
Dr Brooke Farrugia : I4I;
Dr Tasnuva Faruk : GHRUG;
Dr Kamaran Fathulla : HSDR;
Mr Ronald Fawcett : AI; RfPB;
Mrs Yvonne Fawcett : AI; AIM; I4I; PG;
Dr Omolade Femi-Ajao : HSDR;
Dr Benjamin Fenech : PHR;
Dr Laura Fenner : AI; IRS;
Dr Sarah-Jane Fenton : HSDR;
Ms Alice Ferguson : PHR;
Mr David Ferguson : HTA;
Dr Melanie Ferguson : IRS;
Ms Tamara Fernandez Garcia : EME;
Professor Pablo Fernandez-Peñas : IRS;
Professor Manuela Ferrari : IRS;
Mr Joao Andre Ferreira Lopes : HTA;
Dr Anne Ferrey : RfPB;
Dr Jenny Ferry : HTA;
Professor Richard Festenstein : EME;
Professor Ralph Fevre : PRP;
Professor Francisco Figueiredo : I4I;
Dr Stephanie Filbay : RfPB;
Mr David Finch : PHR;
Professor Gabrielle Finn : AI;
Dr Francesca Fiorentino : EME;
Mr Gregory Firth : GHRUG;
Dr Rebecca Fisher : HSDR;
Professor Malcolm Fisk : RfPB;
Professor Deborah Fitzsimmons : HTA; RfPB;
Mr Nigel Fleeman : HTA;
Professor Colin Fleming : AI;
Dr Simon Fleminger : RfPB;
Dr Thomas Fletcher : GHRUG;
Professor John Floras : IRS;
Dr Oliver Flossmann : EME;
Professor Rodrigo Andres Floto : AI; RfPB;
Professor Paul Flowers : PHR;
Dr Rachel Floyd : I4I;
Dr Jennifer Foley : AI;
Ms Lisa Foote : RfPB;
Miss Danielle Forbes : HTA;
Professor Gary Ford : AI;
Dr James Ford : IRS;
Dr John Ford : HSDR;
Dr Ruth Ford : RfPB;
Professor Richard Fordham : HTA;
Dr David Foreman : HTA;
Professor Nita Forouhi : LC;
Dr Matthew Forshaw : AI;
Professor Anne Forster : I4I; LC;
Dr Rob Forsyth : EME;
Dr Duncan Fortescue-Webb : PHR;
Mr Daren Forward : HTA;
Professor Alexander Foss : AI;
Dr Alexis Foster : RfPB;
Ms Betty Foster : HTA;
Ms Sheena Foster : RfPB;
Dr James Fotheringham : RfPB;
Dr Theofanis Fotis : RIGHT;
Dr Kim Foulds : RIGHT;
Mr Andy Fox : HTA;
Professor George Christopher Fox : PG; RfPB;
Professor Nick Francis : RfPB;
Dr Bernhard Frank : I4I;
Professor Richard Franklin : RIGHT;
Dr Zoe Franklin : RfPB;
Dr Ian Frayling : LC;
Professor Caroline Free : GHRUG;
Dr Marie Freel : EME;
Dr Tom Freeman : PRP;
Dr Nell Freeman-Romilly : LC;
Dr Mark Freestone : Editorial;
Dr Primrose Freestone : RfPB;
Professor Neil French : EME; LC;
Associate Professor Paul French : HTA;
Professor Emma Frew : PHR;
Professor David Friedman : HTA;
Professor Peter Friedmann : RfPB;
Dr Richard Friend : PRP;
Mrs Diana Frost : RfPB;
Dr Julia Frost : HSDR;
Dr Rachael Frost : HSDR;
Professor Ahmet Fuat : HTA;
Dr Jonathan Fuld : RfPB;
Dr Claire Fuller : HTA;
Dr Sebastian Fuller : PHR;
Mrs Catherine Fullwood : HTA; 


Professor Mark Gabbay : HTA;
Professor Roger Gadsby : HTA;
Dr Jakub Gajewski : GHRUG;
Mrs Zara Gall : I4I;
Professor Hugh Gallagher : Pre Programme;
Dr Jen Gallagher : EME; HSDR; PHR;
Professor Jennifer Gallagher : PHR;
Professor Louise Gallagher : IRS;
Dr Daniel Gallichan : AI;
Dr Rose Galvin : PG;
Professor Carrol Gamble : HTA;
Professor Mark Gamsu : AI;
Dr Earn Gan : EME;
Professor John Gan : AI;
Mr Ramesh Ganapathy : AI;
Dr Alba García Seco De Herrera : AI;
Mrs Sjokvist Garcia-Stewart : AI; RfPB;
Dr Allison Gardner : LC;
Professor Jon Garibaldi : AI;
Dr Peter Garrard : PG;
Dr Paul Garrud : RfPB;
Professor Bob Gates : RfPB;
Ms Michelle Gates : LC;
Dr Anne Gatuguta : GHRUG;
Mr James Gaughan : HSDR;
Professor Lise Gauvin : HSDR;
Dr Sean Gavan : HTA;
Dr Elaine Gay : AIM; RfPB;
Dr Daniel Gaya : EME;
Professor William Gaze : GHRUG;
Mrs Lesley Geddes : RfPB;
Professor Lina Gega : HTA; I4I;
Dr Nophar Geifman : LC;
Professor Steve Gentleman : I4I;
Dr Sarah Gentry : RfPB;
Dr Elizabeth George : HSDR; HTA;
Ms Helen George : AI; AIM; I4I; IRS; RfPB;
Mr K Joshi George : HTA;
Dr Maureen George : I4I;
Dr Susannah George : RfPB;
Dr Joe Geraghty : RfPB;
Dr Evi Germeni : HSDR;
Dr Claudia Geue : HSDR; HTA; LC;
Professor Faruque Ghanchi : EME;
Dr Ali Gholamrezanezhad : LC;
Professor Mauro Giacca : LC;
Associate Professor Domenico Giacco : HTA; LC; RfPB;
Miss Elisabetta Giannotti : AI;
Dr Fraser Gibb : HTA;
Mrs Jacqueline Gibbs : HTA;
Dr Clarissa Giebel : RfPB;
Dr Nicola Giffin : Editorial;
Professor Magda Gil : GHRUG;
Mr Anthony Gilbert : HTA;
Mr Robin Gilbert : HTA;
Ms Ceinwen Giles : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Ian Giles : RfPB;
Dr Sally Giles : HSDR;
Professor Paramjit Gill : LC;
Professor Steve Gillard : LC;
Dr Clare Gillies : HSDR;
Dr Katie Gillies : HSDR;
Ms Sarah Gillingham : PRP; RfPB;
Professor Steven Gilmour : HTA;
Dr Dheeraj Giri : AI;
Dr Christine Girling : AI; PG;
Dr Jesse Gitaka : GHRUG;
Mr Stefano Giuliani : HTA;
Dr Rosalind Given-Wilson : HSDR; I4I;
Dr Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas : Editorial;
Dr Melissa Gladstone : GHRUG;
Dr Peter Gladwell : LC;
Ms Julie Glanville : HTA;
Mr James Glasbey : HTA;
Dr Danya Glaser : HTA;
Professor Dermot Gleeson : HSDR;
Professor John Gleeson : HSDR;
Professor Anne-Marie Glenny : HSDR;
Mr Matthew Glover : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Tim Gluck : HSDR;
Dr Angela Glynn : PG;
Dr Emma Godfrey : LC;
Dr Peter Godolphin : HTA;
Mr Joseph Godwin : HTA;
Dr Louise Goff : PG;
Dr Mohammad Golbabaee : AI;
Mr Adam Golberg : EME; HTA;
Dr Sarah Goldberg : RfPB;
Dr Henrik Gollee : I4I;
Associate Professor F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé : GHRUG;
Dr Sherif Gonem : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Isabel Gonzalez : HTA;
Mr Jose Gonzalez-Martin : RfPB;
Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill : LC;
Professor Steve Goodacre : Editorial; HTA; I4I;
Mr John Goodden : HTA;
Ms Tiffany Gooden : GHRUG;
Professor Claire Goodman : Editorial;
Dr Nicola Goodson : EME;
Dr Peter Goodwin : HTA;
Professor Victoria Goodwin : HSDR;
Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith : HSDR;
Dr Hima Gopinath : GHRUG;
Dr Paul Gorczynski : PRP;
Professor Morris Gordon : HTA;
Mrs Samantha Gordon : RfPB;
Professor Stephen Gordon : GHRUG;
Mr Tony Gordon : RfPB;
Mr Philip Gorley : AI;
Dr Jennifer Gosling : HSDR;
Dr Mohar Goswami : HTA;
Professor Irene Gottlob : RfPB;
Professor David Gough : Editorial;
Mrs Lisa Gough : RfPB;
Professor Terence Gourlay : I4I;
Professor Radhey Goyal : GHRUG;
Professor Satish Goyal : GHRUG;
Dr Sidhant Goyal : GHRUG;
Professor Elizabeth Goyder : PRP;
Ms Sharon Grace : RfPB;
Mr Chris Graham : LC;
Professor Hilary Graham : PHR;
Dr Rondell Graham : IRS;
Dr Tanya Graham : RfPB;
Professor Robin Graham-Brown : PG;
Dr Victoria Grahame : HTA;
Associate Professor Matthew Grainge : EME;
Mr Richard Grant : PHR;
Mrs Christine Gratus : AI;
Dr Benjamin Gray : PHR;
Professor Elin Gray : IRS;
Professor Laura Gray : HTA;
Mr Peter Gray : RfPB;
Dr Stuart Gray : RfPB;
Mr David Green : PHR;
Mrs Nina Green : LC;
Professor Joanne Greenhalgh : HSDR;
Dr Neil Greening : AI; LC;
Mr Justin Greenwood : PRP; RfPB;
Professor Nan Greenwood : RfPB;
Ms Hazel Greig-Midlane : PRP; RfPB;
Miss Kate Gresham : EME;
Dr Michael Grey : I4I;
Dr Nick Grey : LC;
Dr Alastair Greystoke : HTA;
Dr Eleanor Grieve : GHRUG; HTA;
Mr James Griffin : HTA;
Dr Sian Griffin : EME;
Professor Susan Griffin : PHR; RIGHT;
Dr Tania Griffin : LC;
Professor Megan Griffith : HTA;
Professor Christopher Griffiths : PG;
Mrs Jules Griffiths : HSDR;
Professor Mark Griffiths : EME;
Professor Peter Griffiths : HSDR;
Mr Stephen Griffiths : PHR;
Professor Jonathan Grigg : LC;
Dr Robert Griggs : IRS;
Dr Anita Grigoriadis : AI;
Mrs Elizabeth Grillo : RfPB;
Miss Caris Grimes : GHRUG;
Mrs Jeanette Grocott : HSDR;
Professor Robert Grossman : IRS;
Professor Jonathan Guevarra : RIGHT;
Professor Neil Guha : AI;
Professor Debarati Guha-Sapir : GHRUG;
Dr Renzo Guinto : GHRUG;
Dr Amira Guirguis : PRP;
Dr Jatinder Gulati : GHRUG;
Professor Martin Gulliford : LC;
Dr Anil Gumber : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Baskaran Gunasekaran : GHRUG;
Dr Hilary Gunn : HSDR;
Professor Julian Gunn : HTA;
Professor Matthias Günther : IRS;
Dr Boliang Guo : Editorial; HSDR; HTA; LC;
Dr Arun Gupta : HTA;
Professor Janesh Gupta : Pre Programme;
Dr Prakash Gupta : GHRUG;
Dr Pratima Gupta : HTA;
Dr Richa Gupta : HTA;
Dr Jerry Gurwitz : IRS;
Dr Natalia Gusak : GHRUG;
Dr Arief Gusnanto : EME;
Dr Nils Gutacker : PRP;
Ms Melanie Guthrie : LC; RfPB;
Ms Melanie Guthrie : HTA;
Dr Ruth Gwernan-Jones : HTA;
Professor John Gyapong : GHRUG;
Dr Rajendra Gyawali : GHRUG; 


Reverend Stephen Habgood : AI; AIM; IRS; PRP; RfPB;
Professor Nagy Habib : HTA;
Dr Julia Hackett : RfPB;
Dr Corinna Hackmann : HSDR;
Dr Robert Hagan : RfPB;
Dr Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli : GHRUG;
Dr Sajjad Haider : RfPB;
Dr Caroline Haines : HTA;
Mr Abdul Rahman Hakeem : RfPB;
Dr Rubina Hakeem : GHRUG;
Dr Salman Haleem : I4I;
Dr Charlotte Hall : RfPB;
Ms Gemma Hall : PHR;
Professor Geoff Hall : AI;
Hayley Hall : HSDR;
Dr Nicola Hall : HTA;
Mr Nigel Hall : HTA;
Ms Shirley Hall : HTA;
Professor Stephen Hall : LC;
Dr Emma Halliday : HSDR;
Dr Lorna Halliday : LC;
Professor Stephen Halloran : I4I;
Professor David Halpin : PG;
Mr Zaed Hamady : RfPB;
Mr Geoffrey Hames : I4I; RfPB;
Dr David Hamilton : RfPB;
Professor Kyra Hamilton : RIGHT;
Ms Susan Hamilton : PHR;
Mrs Tina Hamilton : HSDR;
Professor William Hamilton : AI; I4I;
Dr Rawad Hammad : AI;
Professor Alison Hammond : LC;
Dr Natalie Hammond : PHR;
Dr Haitham Hamoda : EME; HTA;
Dr Philip Hampton : RfPB;
Dr Kelly Handley : HTA; PHR;
Mrs Shahida Hanif : AI; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Janet Hanley : Editorial;
Dr Esmée Hanna : RIGHT;
Professor Philip Hannaford : HTA; RfPB;
Professor Ben Hannigan : HSDR; RfPB;
Ms Louise Hansford : PHR;
Associate Professor Chun Hao : GHRUG;
Dr Iram Haq : EME;
Professor Diana Harcourt : RfPB;
Dr Jane Harden : RfPB;
Professor Jonathan Hardman : HTA;
Ms Jackie Hardy : EME;
Professor Maryann Hardy : HTA;
Todd Hardy : LC;
Dr Heather Harewood : GHRUG;
Mr Taylan Harman : HSDR;
Dr Rebecca Harmston : IRS; PRP;
Dr Sean Harper : RfPB;
Ms Paula Harriott : HTA;
Mrs Fiona Harris : HSDR;
Professor Nicholas Harris : I4I;
Dr Steve Harris : AI;
Mrs Gillian Harrison : HSDR;
Dr Camille Harron : HSDR;
Professor Graham Hart : PHR;
Mr Peter Hart : AIM; I4I; IRS; PRP; RfPB;
Professor Doug Hartley : I4I;
Dr Amy Harwood : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Ferhana Hashem : LC;
Dr Abdelaali Hassaine : AIM;
Mrs Cathy Hassell : HSDR;
Miss Felicity Hasson : HSDR;
Dr Katharina Hauck : LC;
Dr John Haughney : HTA;
Dr Kirsty Haunch : HSDR; PHR;
Professor David Hawkes : AI; LC;
Professor Maria Hawkins : EME;
Dr Antony Hawthorne : HTA;
Professor Elaine Hay : LC;
Professor Roderick Hay : GHRUG;
Professor Khaled Hayatleh : AI;
Professor Peter Hayes : EME;
Dr Wesley Hayes : HTA; RfPB;
Dr Catherine Hayhurst : HSDR;
Mrs Gillian Hayter : RfPB;
Ms Ahmarah Hazell : HSDR;
Professor Philip Hazell : HSDR;
Dr Andy Healey : HTA;
Dr Frances Healey : HSDR;
Professor Alexander Heazell : I4I;
Dr Judith Hebron : RfPB;
Miss Milly Heelan : HTA;
Dr Janet Hegarty : HTA;
Professor Christian Heiss : AI; HTA; I4I;
Mr Brinton Helliwell : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Ingrid Hellström : IRS;
Mr Adel Helmy : HTA;
Dr Catherine Henderson : HTA; PHR;
Dr Lorna Henderson : Editorial;
Dr Morag Henderson : PHR;
Dr Paul Hendrick : Editorial;
Dr Christin Henein : EME;
Dr Chadarat Hengsadeekul : RIGHT;
Miss Patricia Henley : HSDR;
Mrs Jean Hennings : RfPB;
Dr Peter Henriksen : HTA;
Dr Helen Henshaw : EME;
Dr David Henson : HTA;
Mrs Julie Hepburn : HSDR;
Dr Audrey Heppleston : LC;
Professor Helen Herrman : IRS;
Dr Sarah Hetrick : HSDR;
Professor Jenny Hewison : LC;
Professor Catherine Hewitt : LC;
Professor Ruth Hewston : HSDR;
Mr Nick Hex : PHR;
Dr Shahram Heydari : RIGHT;
Professor Paul Hibbard : RfPB;
Dr Jane Hicks : RfPB;
Dr Yulia Hicks : AI;
Professor Mary Hickson : RfPB;
Mr David Higenbottam : EME;
Professor Julian Higgins : Editorial; PHR;
Professor Kathryn Higgins : PHR;
Dr Rosemary Higgins : IRS;
Professor Steven Higgins : PHR;
Professor Irene Higginson : LC;
Professor Katerina Hilari : RfPB;
Professor Joseph Hill : IRS;
Dr Kate Hill : RfPB;
Dr Zelee Hill : GHRUG;
Ms Julia Hilliard : LC;
Dr Sarah Hillman : EME; RfPB;
Mr Sebastian Hinde : HTA;
Dr Timothy Hinks : EME;
Dr Lisa Hinton : LC;
Dr Jane Hirst : RfPB;
Ms Gemma Hobcraft : LC;
Dr Peter Hobson : RfPB;
Dr Emma Hock : RfPB;
Professor Damian Hodgson : HSDR;
Professor Peter Hodkinson : RIGHT;
Professor Martin Hoenigl : IRS;
Mr Maurice Hoffman : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Jan Hoffmann : HTA;
Professor Peter Hogg : AI;
Professor William Hollingworth : HTA;
Mrs Jane Holmes : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Richard Holmes : AI; PHR;
Mrs Sheila Holmes : HSDR;
Dr Sue Holttum : Editorial; HSDR; PHR;
Dr Dean-David Holyoake : HSDR;
Professor Caroline Homer : GHRUG;
Ms Tara Homer : HTA;
Professor Jun Hong : LC;
Professor Keum-Shik Hong : IRS;
Ms Chloe Hood : HSDR;
Dr Stephen Hoole : EME;
Professor John Hooper : IRS;
Professor Adrian Hopgood : AIM;
Professor Claire Hopkins : LC;
Ms Donna Hopkins : HTA;
Dr Nicholas Hopkinson : LC;
Mr James Hopkinson-Woolley : HTA;
Dr Rachel Horan : PHR;
Professor Frances Horgan : I4I;
Dr Alex Horsley : RfPB;
Dr Ian Horsley : HTA;
Dr Jeffrey Horton : HTA; RfPB;
Professor Peter Hoskin : HTA;
Dr Linzy Houchen-Wolloff : LC;
Professor Lesley Anne Houghton : RfPB;
Dr Alan Hounsell : RfPB;
Dr Natalia Hounsome (Ivashikina) : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Jo House : LC;
Professor David Howard : RfPB;
Dr James Howard : AI;
Professor Louise Howard : LC;
Dr Richard Howard : HTA;
Dr Emma Howarth : HSDR;
Dr Daniel Howdon : Editorial; HTA;
Mrs Joanne Howe : EME;
Mrs Anne Howell : HTA;
Dr Sarah Howles : HTA;
Mr Chao Huang : HTA; HTA;
Professor Jochen Huehn : IRS;
Professor Mark Huffman : GHRUG;
Professor Carmel Hughes : HTA;
Professor Elizabeth Hughes : HSDR; RfPB;
Ms Katie Hughes : HTA;
Ms Kerry Hughes : HTA;
Dr Thomas Hughes : HTA;
Dr Tom Hughes : HTA;
Mr Caspar Hull : HTA;
Dr Jeremy Hull : EME;
Professor Claire Hulme : HSDR; HTA; LC; PHR;
Mr Anthony Humphrey : HTA;
Mrs Joanne Humphries : HTA;
Professor Ivan Fn Hung : IRS;
Professor Kate Hunt : PHR;
Dr Neil Hunt : EME;
Professor David Hunter : HSDR;
Ms Hannah Hunter : HTA;
Mr James Hunter : HTA;
Dr Rachael Hunter : HTA; PHR;
Professor Ruth Hunter : PHR;
Dr Alyson Huntley : HSDR;
Mr Philip Hurst : I4I; RfPB;
Professor Sara Hurvitz : IRS;
Professor Shereen Hussein : LC;
Dr Olga Husson : RfPB;
Dr Ann Hutchinson : RfPB;
Professor Peter Hutchinson : I4I;
Dr Martin Hyde : LC;
Dr Sinéad Hynes : Editorial; 


Dr Mercy Ibidapo : RfPB;
Professor Masao Ichikawa : RIGHT;
Miss Anthonia Ideh : RIGHT;
Professor Roderick Iedema : HSDR;
Professor Emmanuel Ifeachor : AI;
Dr Felix Ihama : RfPB;
Dr Deborah Ikhile : GHRUG;
Dr Jane Iles : RfPB;
Dr Stamatina Iliodromiti : AI;
Dr Barry Ingham : RfPB;
Dr James Ingham : AI;
Ms Alice Inman : GHRUG;
Professor Tariq Iqbal : HTA;
Dr Mildred Iro : HTA;
Ms Lisa Irvine : HSDR;
Mrs Sylvia Irvine Robertson : HSDR;
Dr Adam Irwin : IRS;
Dr Nazrul Islam : PHR;
Dr Shah Islam : AI;
Dr Tevfik Ismail : AI;
Miss Tsveta Ivanova : I4I;
Professor Saso Ivanovski : IRS;
Professor Rebecca Ivers : PHR;
Dr Michiyo Iwami : GHRUG;
Dr Collins Iwuji : GHRUG; 


Mr Yaser Jabbar : HTA;
Professor Barbara Jack : GHRUG;
Ms Eleanor Jack : HSDR;
Professor Graham Jackson : HTA;
Miss Julie Jackson : HTA; RfPB;
Dr Melinda Jackson : IRS;
Professor Timothy Jackson : AI; HTA;
Dr Sally Jacobs : Editorial;
Dr Pamela Jacobsen : HSDR;
Dr Tazeen Jafar : GHRUG;
Dr Maya Jafari : AI;
Professor Shabbar Jaffar : GHRUG; PHR;
Dr Jagnoor Jagnoor : GHRUG;
Professor Andrew Jahoda : RfPB;
Dr Yogesh Jain : GHRUG;
Dr Suyog Jaiswal : GHRUG;
Professor Thomas Jaki : LC;
Professor Marilyn James : LC;
Professor Thomas Jamieson Craig : HSDR;
Dr Faraz Janan : AI;
Dr Bhautesh Jani : RfPB;
Dr Katharina Janke : HTA; PHR;
Dr Dina Jankovic : HTA;
Mrs Lindsey Jarrett : HSDR;
Dr Hannah Jarvis : PRP; RfPB;
Mr Paul Jarvis-Beesley : EME;
Dr Satbir Jassal : RfPB;
Dr Kanna Jayaprakasan : HTA;
Dr Raja Jayaram : EME;
Professor Sujeet Jaydeokar : AIM; RfPB;
Dr Jean-Pierre Jeannon : PG;
Dr Elima Jedy-Agba : GHRUG;
Miss Monica Jefford : HTA; I4I; RfPB;
Dr Rajesh Jena : AI;
Professor Christine Jenkins : GHRUG;
Professor Gisli Jenkins : LC;
Professor Nicholas Jewell : LC;
Professor Peter Jezzard : LC;
Dr Pardeep Jhund : HTA;
Dr Shouyong Jiang : AI;
Professor Zi-Bing Jin : IRS;
Professor Victoria Joffe : RfPB;
Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg : RfPB;
Dr Denny John : GHRUG;
Ms Mary John : RfPB;
Dr Louise Johns : HTA;
Dr Avril Johnson : PHR;
Dr Mark Johnson : PG;
Professor Mark R D Johnson : LC;
Mr Owen Johnson : AI;
Professor Philip Johnson : HTA;
Dr Rachel Johnson : HTA;
Dr Rebecca Johnson : HSDR; PHR;
Mr Shaun Johnson : EME; HTA; Pre Programme;
Professor Ed Johnstone : AI;
Professor Kate Jolly : HTA;
Dr Arwel Jones : RfPB;
Dr Cliff Jones : HSDR;
Miss Heather Jones : LC;
Dr Kerina Jones : HSDR;
Dr Matthew Jones : HSDR;
Dr Melvyn Jones : AIM;
Ms Natalie Jones : HSDR;
Professor Ray Jones : HSDR;
Dr Rebecca Jones : EME;
Professor Richard Jones : I4I;
Professor Robert Jones : AI;
Mrs Sheila Jones : LC;
Professor Steven Jones : RfPB;
Mr Trevor Jones : HTA; I4I; PG; RfPB;
Professor Rashid Jooma : GHRUG;
Dr Abbie Jordan : HSDR;
Mr Rahul Joshi : PRP;
Dr Rohina Joshi : GHRUG;
Dr Nikolina Jovanovic : RfPB;
Dr Hedda Joyce : LC;
Professor Steven Julious : EME;
Dr Andrew Jull : HTA;
Professor Gwendolen Jull : IRS;
Dr Mario Juruena : ESP; 


Professor Umesh Kadam : AIM; Editorial;
Professor Fawzi Kadi : IRS;
Dr Axel Kaehne : RfPB;
Mrs Neelam Kalita : HTA;
Dr Jatinderpal Kalsi : LC;
Dr Evangelia Kalyvianaki : AI;
Dr Mona Kanaan : PHR;
Mr Subramanian Kanagasundaram : HTA;
Dr Rebecca Kandiyali : PHR;
Professor Eddie Kane : PG;
Professor Eileen Kaner : AI;
Dr Jing Kang : PHR;
Dr Vikas Kapil : HTA;
Dr Banya Kar : GHRUG;
Dr Partha Kar : RfPB;
Dr Stavros Karamanakos : HTA;
Professor Eva Karamitopoulou-Diamantis : IRS;
Dr Niral Karia : RfPB;
Dr Eleni Kariki : AI;
Dr Simon Kariuki : GHRUG;
Mr Veeru Kasivisvanathan : HTA;
Dr Diego Kaski : I4I;
Professor Anuradhani Kasturiratne : GHRUG;
Mr Edward Kataika : GHRUG;
Jeanne Katz : HSDR;
Ms Gurmit Kaur : AI;
Dr Violet Kayamba : GHRUG;
Mrs Zanib Kazmi : AI;
Dr Rohna Kearney : HTA;
Dr Victoria Kearns : I4I;
Professor Frank Keating : LC;
Professor Norah Keating : HSDR;
Mr Peter Keeley : PRP; RfPB;
Professor June Keeling : GHRUG; HSDR;
Professor Anne-Maree Keenan : PG;
Dr Anju Keetharuth : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Victoria Keevil : I4I;
Professor Daniel Kelly : RfPB;
Dr Martin Kelly : AI;
Dr Paul Kelly : HSDR;
Professor Tom Kelsey : AI;
Mrs Rebecca Kemlo : LC;
Dr Christopher Kemp : GHRUG;
Professor Sally Kendall : Editorial;
Dr Adrian Kendrick : I4I;
Professor Anthony Kendrick : HTA;
Professor Catriona Kennedy : HSDR;
Dr James Kennedy : RfPB;
Professor Richard Kennedy : I4I;
Mr Adam Kenningham-Brown : RfPB;
Ms Rowena Kenny : PHR;
Mr Simon Kenny : HTA;
Professor Bridie Kent : I4I;
Professor George Kernohan : HSDR;
Mr Matthew Kerr : HTA; PG;
Professor Ian Kessler : HSDR;
Ms Bridget Kezaabu : GHRUG;
Dr Jattinder Khaira : HTA;
Professor Moncef Khairallah : IRS;
Dr Sara Khalid : PG;
Dr Salim Khan : Editorial; HSDR; HSDR;
Dr Ali S Khashan : RfPB;
Dr Minesh Khashu : HTA;
Miss Krishna Kholia : HTA;
Miss Shirin Elizabeth Khorsandi : AI;
Dr Reza Kiani : RfPB;
Mrs Joanne Kibbey : HTA;
Professor Christopher Kibbler : HTA;
Associate Professor Christian Kieling : GHRUG;
Dr Jesse Kigozi : HTA;
Mrs Lucy Kilburn : HSDR;
Ms Lea Kilenga : GHRUG;
Dr Stephanie Kilinc : AI; I4I;
Dr Sungwook Kim : RIGHT;
Dr Elizabeth Kimani-Murage : GHRUG;
Miss Angela King : AI; AIM; HSDR; I4I; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Derek King : Editorial;
Ms Rosanna King : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Emma King (Nee Barker) : PG; RfPB;
Professor David Kingdon : HSDR;
Professor T Kingham : GHRUG;
Dr Philip Kinghorn : HSDR;
Dr James Kinross : AI; I4I;
Professor Susan Kirk : LC;
Dr Naoko Kishita : RfPB;
Dr Philip Kitchen : RfPB;
Professor Alison Kitson : HSDR;
Professor Andrew Klein : HTA;
Dr Karen Knapp : AI;
Dr Peter Knapp : I4I;
Dr Wendy Kneissl : HSDR; HTA; PRP; RfPB;
Mrs Dawn Knight : LC;
Professor Lucia Knight : GHRUG;
Professor Marian Knight : LC; RfPB;
Professor Jennifer Knight-Madden : GHRUG;
Professor Charles Knowles : HTA;
Dr Anastasia Koch : GHRUG;
Dr Ruwanthi Kolamunnage-Dona : RfPB;
Dr Niina Kolehmainen : HTA;
Dr Matthieu Komorowski : AI;
Professor Justin Konje : AI;
Dr Eirini Kontou : PG;
Dr Savas Konur : AI;
Dr Maja Korica : HSDR;
Dr Ioannis Korkontzelos : AI;
Mr Vasilis Kosmoliaptsis : EME;
Mr Krishna Kothandapani : AI;
Dr Anna Kotova : PHR;
Dr Pelagia Koufaki : PHR;
Dr Daphne Kounali : PHR;
Dr Dimitrios Koutoukidis : RfPB;
Dr Olga Kozlowska : HSDR;
Professor Henry Kranzler : IRS;
Professor Paul Krause : AIM;
Professor Morten Tange Kristensen : RIGHT;
Associate Professor Ruan Kruger : GHRUG;
Professor Margaret Kruk : RIGHT;
Dr Abhay Kudale : GHRUG;
Professor Walter Kukull : IRS;
Professor Robert Kulesher : GHRUG;
Dr Amrita Kumar : AI;
Dr Manasi Kumar : GHRUG;
Mr Prem Kumar : GHRUG;
Dr Ram Kumar : HTA;
Mr Rashmi Kumar : AI; HSDR; HTA; RfPB;
Dr Sanjay Kumar : LC;
Dr Thomas Kumke : Editorial;
Dr Hannah Kuper : HSDR;
Dr Matthew Kurien : HTA;
Professor Jenny Kurinczuk : LC;
Mr Chun Hei Kwok : AI;
Professor Angela Kydd : RfPB;
Dr Ioannis Kyrou : RfPB; 


Professor Daniel Lackland : IRS;
Professor John Laffey : EME;
Dr Emmanuel Lagarde : RIGHT;
Dr Sudi Lahiri : HSDR;
Mrs Lynn Laidlaw : AIM; HTA;
Mr Ross Laidlaw : HTA;
Ms Caroline Laker : HSDR;
Dr Pankaj Lal : HTA;
Ms Emily Lam : AI; AIM; IRS; PG; RfPB;
Ms Ros Lam : HTA;
Professor Sarah Lamb : EME;
Professor Helen Lambert : GHRUG;
Dr Jeffery Lambert : HSDR;
Ms Carrol Lamouline : AIM;
Dr Filipa Landeiro : HTA;
Dr Deborah Lane : PHR;
Dr Steven Lane : TAR;
Professor Chim Lang : RfPB;
Dr Kate Langley : PG;
Associate Professor Tessa Langley : HTA;
Dr Simon Langton Hewer : PG;
Mr Nick Lansdale : HTA;
Mr Adam Lansdown : AI; I4I; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Robert Laramee : AI;
Dr James Larcombe : HTA;
Professor Mary Larkin : HSDR;
Mrs Karen Lascelles : HSDR;
Dr Nwamaka Lasebikan : GHRUG;
Dr Gemma Lasseter : HSDR;
Dr Toni Lassila : AI;
Mr Jeremy Latham : HTA; RfPB;
Miss Nicola Latham : LC;
Mrs Marie Latham-Jones : HSDR;
Mr Mohammed Latief : AI; RfPB;
Professor Jos Latour : LC;
Dr Pallavi Latthe : HTA;
Associate Professor Maritz Laubscher : GHRUG;
Professor Tina Lavender : GHRUG; HSDR;
Dr Anthony Laverty : GHRUG;
Dr Anthony Laverty : LC;
Dr Anna Lavis : RfPB;
Professor Chris Lavy : RIGHT;
Professor Graham Law : LC;
Dr David Lawrence : GHRUG;
Professor John Lawrenson : RfPB;
Dr Iain Lawrie : RfPB;
Professor Stephen Lawrie : PG;
Dr Rod Lawson : LC;
Dr Alison Layton : HTA;
Professor David Le Couteur : IRS;
Dr Bernard Le Foll : IRS;
Dr Shani Le Roux : GHRUG;
Professor Martin Leach : RfPB;
Dr Kathy Leadbitter : HTA;
Miss Francesca Leadlay : Pre Programme;
Dr Jose Leal : HTA;
Dr Maria Leandro : HTA;
Emeritus Professor David Leaper : HTA;
Alison Leary : HSDR;
Dr Limakatso Lebina : GHRUG;
Dr Caleb Lebuc : PHR;
Professor Fiona Lecky : AI; I4I;
Dr Jean Ledger : Editorial;
Professor William Ledger : HTA;
Alison Ledward : HSDR;
Dr Hopin Lee : EME;
Dr Joon Kiong Lee : RIGHT;
Dr Kim May Lee : HTA;
Mr Matthew Lee : HTA;
Mrs Melissa Lee : AI; AIM; I4I; RfPB;
Professor Raymond Lee : RfPB;
Professor Seung-Hwan Lee : LC;
Dr T Suisse Lee : LC;
Professor Christoph Lees : AI;
Mr Peter Lees : HSDR;
Professor Shelley Lees : GHRUG;
Dr Liz Lees-Deutsch : HSDR;
Professor Paul Leeson : HTA;
Mrs Kelly Lefteri : RfPB;
Dr Helen Leigh-Phippard : AI; AIM; RfPB;
Associate Professor Paul Leighton : HSDR;
Professor Samuel Leinster : HTA;
Dr Agnieszka Lemanska : RfPB;
Ms Debra Lennard : AI; RfPB;
Professor Belinda Lennox : EME; HTA; LC;
Dr Charlotte Lennox : PHR;
Mrs Lisa Leonard : RfPB;
Dr Georgios Leontidis : AI; AI;
Associate Professor Iracema Leroi : GHRUG;
Dr Anthea Lesch : GHRUG;
Dr Hannah Leslie : RIGHT;
Professor Jessica Leung : IRS;
Professor Nick Levell : Editorial;
Dr Susan Lewallen : GHRUG;
Mr Brian Lewin : EME;
Mr Oli Lewington : EME;
Professor Glyn Lewis : LC;
Dr Martyn Lewis : HSDR;
Professor Sheena Lewis : HTA;
Professor Stuart Lewis : HTA;
Professor Jim Lewsey : AIM; HTA;
Professor Alastair Leyland : PHR;
Professor Monique Lhussier : PHR;
Dr David Li : AI;
Dr Kezhi Li : AI;
Dr Yuhua Li : AI;
Dr Yunpeng Li : AI;
Dr Kristin Liabo : HSDR;
Mr Alex Liddle : HTA;
Professor Peter Liddle : I4I;
Professor Thomas Liehr : IRS;
Dr Ka Keat Lim : HTA;
Dr Rosemary Lim : GHRUG;
Dr Sarah Lim Choi Keung : LC;
Mr David Limb : HTA;
Dr Catherine Linaker : HSDR;
Dr Jennifer Lincoln : RIGHT;
Professor David Linden : IRS;
Mr Peter Lindsay : HTA;
Dr Stuart Linke : HSDR;
Professor Christina Liossi : HTA;
Professor Gregory Lip : AI;
Mrs Peck Lin Lip : EME;
Professor Marc Lipman : LC;
Professor Chris Littlewood : PG;
Dr Yang Liu : AI;
Mrs Polly Livermore : HTA;
Professor Ahmad Tajudin Liza-Sharmini : IRS;
Dr Adrian Lloyd : HTA;
Dr Catherine Lloyd : GHRUG;
Professor Charlie Lloyd : PRP;
Mr Scott Lloyd : PHR;
Dr Brynmor Lloyd Evans : PRP;
Dr David Lo : I4I;
Dr Tsz-Yan Lo : HSDR;
Ms Francesca Lo Castro : LC;
Professor Abigail Locke : AIM;
Dr Rachel Locke : HSDR;
Professor Gunter Loffler : GHRUG;
Professor Ian Loftus : HTA;
Dr Angie Logan : HSDR;
Professor Stuart Logan : LC;
Professor Yoon Loke : RfPB;
Mr John Long : HSDR;
Dr Roberta Longo : HTA;
Professor Janet Lord : LC;
Professor Paula Lorgelly : HTA;
Dr Gemma Louch : HSDR;
Dr David Lovell : PHR;
Professor Karina Lovell : HTA;
Ms Candida Lovell-Smith : HTA;
Dr Joseph Low : HSDR;
Dr Mark Lown : HTA; PHR;
Dr Haiping Lu : AI;
Dr Lei Lu : AI;
Dr Andrew Ludman : HTA;
Dr Fiona Lugg-Widger : HSDR;
Mr Nagendra Luitel : GHRUG;
Dr Ochiba Lukandu : GHRUG;
Professor Mary Ann Lumsden : EME;
Dr Tom Lund : AI;
Dr Eleanor Lunt : EME;
Dr Mark Lunt : HTA;
Professor Neil Lunt : LC;
Dr Adelaide Lusambili : GHRUG;
Dr Michael Lutz : IRS;
Dr Sean Lynch : HTA;
Dr Fiona Lynn : PHR;
Ms Sue Lyon : RfPB;
Dr Paul Lyons : LC;
Mrs Toni Lysak : LC; 


Dr Karen Ma : AIM;
Dr Richard Ma : HTA;
Professor David Mabey : RfPB;
Dr Leah Macaden : RfPB;
Professor Ben Macarthur : AI; LC;
Mrs Stella Macaskill : HTA;
Professor Geraldine Macdonald : HSDR;
Dr Helen Macdonald : GHRUG;
Professor Alison Macfarlane : LC;
Dr Rebecca Macfarlane : LC;
Dr Steve Macgillivray : HSDR;
Professor Guy Macgowan : HTA;
Dr Gordon Macgregor : Pre Programme;
Professor Susanne Macgregor : PRP;
Dr Katarzyna Machaczek : HSDR;
Ms Karen Machin : HSDR;
Dr Lucy Mackillop : HTA;
Dr Kelly Mackintosh : PHR;
Associate Professor Nicola Mackintosh : HSDR;
Professor Robert Maclaren : EME;
Professor Graeme Maclennan : HTA; PHR;
Dr Mary Macleod : HSDR;
Mrs Lesley Macniven : LC;
Dr Helen Mactier : HTA;
Dr Barbara Madaj : RIGHT;
Professor Jason Madan : GHRUG; HTA;
Dr Shyam Madathil : RfPB;
Dr Gayle Madden : HSDR;
Dr Matthew Maddocks : LC;
Dr Joao Madeira : LC;
Dr Nyasha Mafirakureva : HTA;
Mrs Lindiwe Mafuleka : GHRUG;
Professor Monica Magadi : GHRUG;
Dr Conor Magee : HTA;
Dr Daniele Magistro : PG;
Mrs Fareena Mahmood : AI;
Dr Nitin Mahobia : HTA;
Associate Professor Kamal Mahtani : Editorial;
Dr Ian Maidment : LC;
Dr Barry Main : HTA;
Dr Rupert Major : RfPB;
Dr Anne Majumdar : PRP;
Dr Nino Makhashvili : GHRUG;
Stephen Makin : HSDR;
Professor Ariadne Malamitsi-Puchner : IRS;
Professor Bibhuti Malik : GHRUG;
Mr Hammad Malik : HTA;
Dr Samuel Malins : HTA;
Ms Jacqueline Mallender : HSDR;
Honorary Professor Conor Mallucci : HTA;
Mr Peter Malone : HTA;
Professor James Malone-Lee : HTA;
Mr Abraham Mamela : GHRUG;
Professor Nizam Mamode : EME;
Dr Mohammad Mamouei : AIM;
Dr William Man : LC; RfPB;
Dr Swapna Mandal : PG; RfPB;
Professor Arduino Mangoni : IRS;
Dr Punam Mangtani : PHR;
Dr Hamidreza Mani : HSDR;
Dr Masoud Manjili : IRS;
Dr Sarkis Manoukian : HTA;
Ms Stephanie Mansell : EME;
Dr Catherine Marchand : HSDR;
Dr Serge Marchand : IRS;
Professor Samuele Marcora : PHR;
Dr Nandor Marczin : GHRUG;
Professor Elaine Mardis : IRS;
Mr Tangai Marega : GHRUG;
Professor Federica Marelli-Berg : LC;
Professor Barrie Margetts : PHR;
Professor Tom Margrain : I4I;
Mr Giovanni Mariscaclo : GHRUG;
Dr Sarah Markham : RfPB;
Mrs Charlotte Marlow : HTA;
Dr Laura Marlow : RfPB;
Professor Neil Marlow : I4I;
Dr Robin Marlow : HTA;
Dr Tom Marrs : PG;
Dr Louise Marryat : HSDR;
Professor Maurice Mars : GHRUG;
Dr Michael Marsh : HSDR;
Professor Vicki Marsh : GHRUG;
Dr William Marsh : AI;
Mrs Claire Marshall : HSDR;
Professor Julie Marshall : PHR;
Professor Zoe Marshman : PHR;
Mr Ben Marson : HTA;
Dr Louise Marston : Editorial;
Dr Adam Martin : PHR;
Professor Daniel Martin : EME; I4I;
Professor Finbarr Martin : AI;
Dr Glen Martin : LC;
Dr Jonathan Martin : HTA;
Professor Keith Martin : EME;
Dr Tanimola Martins : GHRUG;
Dr S. Clara Martins De Barros : RfPB;
Professor Steven Marwaha : HSDR;
Dr Jane Masoli : AIM; HTA;
Dr Phil Mason : EME;
Professor Suzanne Mason : HSDR; LC;
Dr Bilal Mateen : AI;
Professor Ceu Mateus : HTA;
Professor Matthews Mathai : HTA;
Professor Catriona Matheson : HSDR;
Dr Alessandra Matheus : GHRUG;
Dr Elspeth Mathie : HSDR;
Dr Alexander Mathioudakis : AI; I4I; RfPB;
Associate Professor Pallab Maulik : GHRUG;
Dr Tan Maw Pin : GHRUG;
Dr Clare Maxwell : HSDR; RfPB;
Professor Corinne May-Chahal : HSDR;
Professor Jamil Mayet : PG;
Professor Susannah Mayhew : GHRUG;
Mr Nick Maynard : EME;
Professor Julio Mayol : IRS;
Mr Evangelos Mazaris : HTA;
Mr Sadrul Mazumder : RIGHT;
Dr Claudia Mazza : I4I;
Dr Chinyere Mbachu : GHRUG;
Dr Leonard Mboera : GHRUG;
Dr Gerald Mboowa : GHRUG;
Dr Anne Mbwayo : GHRUG;
Ms Mary Teresa Mc Manus : RfPB;
Professor Richard Hamish Mcallister-Williams : HTA;
Christine Mcalpine : HSDR;
Dr Paul Mcardle : HTA;
Dr Andrew Mcauley : PHR;
Professor Christopher Mccabe : HSDR;
Professor Christopher Mccabe : RfPB;
Professor Alexandra Mccarthy : HSDR;
Dr Gerry Mccartney : Editorial;
Dr Graham Mcclelland : HSDR;
Professor Elaine Mccoll : AI;
Dr Rosalind Mccollum : GHRUG;
Professor Roy Mcconkey : RfPB;
Professor Alex Mcconnachie : Editorial;
Ms Orla Mccourt : RfPB;
Professor Paul Mccrone : Editorial; PHR;
Dr Paddy Mccrossan : I4I;
Dr Angela Mccullagh : RfPB;
Dr Imelda Mcdermott : HSDR;
Professor Ruth Mcdonald : HSDR;
Dr Joan Mcdowell : HSDR;
Mrs Agi Mcfarland : HSDR;
Mr Jon Mcfarlane : HTA;
Dr Patrick Mcgann : GHRUG;
Ms Barbara Mcgaw : GHRUG;
Dr William Mcgeown : AI;
Ms Irene Mcgill : EME;
Professor Sinead Mcgilloway : HSDR;
Professor Patrick Mcgorry : PG;
Dr Niall Mcgowan : RfPB;
Dr Catherine Mcgrath : EME;
Professor James Mcguire : PHR;
Professor Mark Mcgurk : HTA;
Professor Gretl Mchugh : HSDR;
Professor Sonja Mcilfatrick : HSDR;
Dr Rich Mcilroy : GHRUG;
Professor Paul Mckeigue : EME; LC;
Mr Alastair Mckelvey : HTA;
Dr Mel Mckendrick : RfPB;
Miss Sarah Mckernon : HTA;
Professor Brian Mckinstry : LC;
Mrs Joy Mclaggan : HTA;
Professor Hamish Mcleod : PG;
Professor Thomas Mcmahon : HSDR;
Professor Jim Mcmanus : PHR;
Mr Kieran Mcmanus : HTA;
Professor Robert Mcmaster : AI;
Ms Nicola Mcmeekin : HTA;
Professor Paul Mcmenamin : IRS;
Professor Mary Mcmurran : PHR;
Dr Richard Mcnally : Editorial;
Professor Paul Mcnamara : HTA;
Professor Paul Mcnamee : PHR;
Dr Melitta Mcnarry : RfPB;
Dr Alisdair Mcneill : HSDR;
Dr Ruth Mcnerney : GHRUG;
Dr James Mcnicholas : AI;
Mr Bill Mcpate : IRS; RfPB;
Dr Kerri Mcpherson : RfPB;
Dr Tess Mcpherson : PG;
Professor Helen Mcshane : RfPB;
Dr Terri Mcveigh : EME;
Mrs Margaret Mcwilliams : AI; I4I; RfPB;
Professor Geoffrey Meads : LC;
Professor Ana Medina : GHRUG;
Dr Claire Meek : RfPB;
Dr Itamar Megiddo : RfPB;
Dr Roshanak Mehdipanah : GHRUG;
Dr Shireen Meher : HTA;
Dr Maria Melchior : IRS;
Dr Hellen Meme : GHRUG;
Dr Iosif Mendichovszky : EME;
Dr Hongying Meng : AI; I4I;
Dr David Menzies : HTA;
Dr Gemma Mercer : RfPB;
Dr Asimenia Mermekli : AI;
Dr Rosalind Merrick : RfPB;
Mr Andrew Metcalfe : RfPB;
Professor Chris Metcalfe : EME;
Professor George Metsios : EME;
Dr Jane Meyrick : PHR;
Dr Louise Michaelis : HTA;
Dr Daniel Michelson : PHR;
Professor Michelle Mielke : IRS;
Professor Ian Miguel : AI;
Professor Borislava Mihaylova : PHR;
Dr Rasa Mikelyte : RfPB;
Dr Suzanne Milan : RfPB;
Ms Lisa Mildiner : HTA;
Mr Jamie Miles : HSDR;
Professor Ann Millar : EME; LC; RfPB;
Dr Ross Millar : HSDR;
Professor Anthony Miller : GHRUG; HSDR;
Professor Carol Milligan : IRS;
Mr Robert Mills : I4I;
Dr Ann Millward : HTA;
Emeritus Professor Alisoun Milne : HSDR;
Pauline Milne : HSDR;
Associate Professor Alec Miners : HTA;
Ms Tran Minh Thi : GHRUG;
Professor Eneida Mioshi : LC;
Dr Alexander Miras : PG;
Professor Tolib Mirzoev : GHRUG;
Dr Anurag Mishra : GHRUG;
Professor Kamilla Miskowiak : IRS;
Ms Eleanor Mitchell : HTA;
Dr Jessica Mitchell : GHRUG;
Professor Richard Mitchell : PHR;
Mr Masaki Mitsuhashi : GHRUG;
Dr Rebecca Mitting : HTA;
Dr Leah Mnango : AI;
Professor Bente Elisabeth Moen : RIGHT;
Dr Saroj Kumar Mohanty : RIGHT;
Dr Chi Chiu Mok : IRS;
Dr Quen Mok : HTA;
Dr Gontse Mokwatsi : GHRUG;
Dr Freda Mold : RfPB;
Mrs Helen Mollart : AI; RfPB;
Dr Sophie Molloy : GHRUG;
Dr Susan Moloney : HSDR;
Mr Cristian Montenegro : GHRUG;
Professor Scott Montgomery : AIM;
Dr Akm Monwarul Islam : GHRUG;
Miss Jill Moody : LC;
Professor Louise Moody : I4I;
Dr Amelia Moore : RfPB;
Dr Anna Moore : RfPB;
Professor Caroline Moore : AI;
Dr Darren Moore : HSDR;
Miss Joanne Moore : HTA;
Professor Lynne Moore : RIGHT;
Mr Krishna Moorthy : HSDR;
Professor Iain Moppett : Pre Programme;
Professor Francesco Carlo Morabito : IRS;
Dr Nicholas Moran : TAR;
Dr Aparna Mordekar : RfPB;
Mr Omar Moreea : AI;
Miss Saile Patricia Moreno Villegas : AI;
Professor Ann Morgan : EME;
Dr Heather Morgan : PHR;
Dr Robert Morgan : EME;
Dr Sara Morgan : PHR;
Professor Stephen Morgan : I4I;
Dr Wayne Morgan : IRS;
Dr Sarah Morgan-Trimmer : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Mirko Moro : PHR;
Professor Andrew Morris : PHR;
Professor Christopher Morris : HSDR;
Professor Huw Morris : GHRUG;
Professor Joan Morris : HTA;
Professor Keith Morris : EME; HSDR;
Professor Rachel Morris : HTA;
Dr Joanna Morrison : GHRUG;
Professor Richard Morriss : LC; Pre Programme;
Dr Matthew Morrissey : HTA;
Professor Brenda Morrow : GHRUG;
Dr Tracy Morse : GHRUG;
Dr Ben Morton : GHRUG;
Dr Sarah Morton : Editorial; HSDR;
Mr Thomas Morton : RfPB;
Dr Emma Mosley : LC;
Ms Ngawai Moss : EME; HTA; RfPB;
Professor Paul Moss : LC;
Ms Helen Mossop : EME;
Professor Ayesha Motala : GHRUG;
Professor Seyed Abbas Motevalian : RIGHT;
Dr Luisa Motta : AI;
Professor Susan Moug : EME;
Professor Thierry Moulin : IRS;
Dr Hani Mowafi : GHRUG;
Philip Mowlem : HSDR;
Dr Sizulu Moyo : GHRUG;
Dr Iosif Mporas : I4I;
Mrs Jan Mucha : AI; AIM; I4I; RfPB;
Dr Christoph Mueller : AIM;
Professor Muntzer Mughal : RfPB;
Ms Waliyah Mughis : GHRUG;
Dr Vanessa Muirhead : PHR;
Dr Aleixo Muise : IRS;
Associate Professor Ruben Mujica-Mota : HTA;
Dr Abhik Mukherjee : AI;
Dr Ash Mukherjee : HSDR;
Dr Clara Mukuria : HTA;
Professor Fumulani Mulaudzi : GHRUG;
Professor Manfred Müller : IRS;
Professor Maurice Mulvenna : AI; AIM;
Ms Noni Mumba : GHRUG;
Dr Kathy Mumby-Croft : HSDR;
Dr Wolfgang Munar : GHRUG;
Professor Fehmidah Munir : RfPB;
Dr Jennifer Munkley : RfPB;
Associate Professor Jane Munro : HTA;
Professor Kevin Munro : EME;
Dr Theresa Munyombwe : LC;
Mr Mahiul Muqit : I4I;
Professor Paolo Muraro : PG;
Mr John Murdoch : HTA;
Professor Helen Murphy : RfPB;
Mr Jamie Murphy : HTA;
Professor Jane Murphy : HTA; RfPB;
Dr Julie Murphy : GHRUG;
Mrs Sharon Murphy : LC;
Dr Andrea Murray : RfPB;
Professor Fliss Murtagh : HTA;
Dr Krishna Murthy : GHRUG;
Dr Rosemary Musesengwa : GHRUG;
Ms Peris Musitia : RIGHT;
Professor Charles Musselwhite : RIGHT;
Professor Nanette Mutrie : PHR;
Dr Lawrence Mwananyanda : GHRUG;
Dr Michelle Myall : HSDR;
Dr Aung Myat : EME; HTA;
Professor Jenny Myers : AI; HTA; RfPB;
Ms Dominique Mylod : HTA; 


Dr Adam Nabeebaccus : EME;
Professor Ashraf Nabhan : GHRUG;
Professor Parashkev Nachev : AI;
Honorary Professor Simon Nadel : HTA; I4I;
Associate Professor Abhijit Nadkarni : GHRUG;
Dr Amulya Nadkarni : RfPB;
Mrs Karen Nagalingam : RfPB;
Dr Shobhana Nagraj : GHRUG;
Ms Viktoria Nagudi : LC;
Dr Aliya Naheed : GHRUG;
Professor Saloshni Naidoo : GHRUG;
Dr Krishnan Padmakumari Sivaraman Nair : PG;
Professor Anil Namdeo : GHRUG;
Professor Allyala Nandakumar : RIGHT;
Dr Mabel Nangami : GHRUG;
Dr Yogarabindranath Nantha : GHRUG;
Dr Parth Narendran : EME;
Mr Nitish Narvekar : HTA;
Mr Maleeha Naseem : GHRUG;
Mr Stephen Nash : PHR;
Dr M. Ali Nasseri : IRS;
Dr Mintu Nath : AIM;
Dr Neal Navani : AI;
Dr Dilip Nazareth : PG;
Professor Irwin Nazareth : HTA;
Dr Eléazar Ndabarora : GHRUG;
Professor David Ndetei : GHRUG;
Dr Duduzile Ndwandwe : GHRUG;
Professor Daniel Neagu : AI; AIM;
Professor Catherine Needham : LC;
Professor Ian Needleman : RfPB;
Professor Gina Neff : AI;
Ms Jenny Negus : EME;
Dr Penelope Nestel : HSDR;
Dr Gina Netto : HSDR;
Professor James Neuberger : HSDR;
Dr Dinesh Neupane : RIGHT;
Dr Chris Newby : RfPB;
Dr Katie Newby : PHR;
Professor John Newell-Price : EME;
Dr Tamsin Newlove-Delgado : LC;
Dr Hayley Newman : LC;
Dr Mark Newman : HSDR;
Mrs Meredith Newman : HTA;
Mrs Susanna Newman : LC;
Dr Katherine Newman-Taylor : RfPB;
Professor Philip Newsome : AI; HSDR;
Dr Jennifer Newton : HSDR;
Mr Keng Ng : I4I;
Professor Huan Xuan Nguyen : AIM;
Dr Elaine Nicholls : TAR;
Professor Mark Nicol : GHRUG;
Dr Claire Niedzwiedz : AI;
Professor Finn Cilius Nielsen : IRS;
Dr Glenn Nielsen : EME;
Associate Professor Suzanne Nielsen : HSDR;
Dr Zlatko Nikoloski : GHRUG;
Dr Nicholas Nisbett : GHRUG;
Dr Elena Nixon : RfPB;
Professor Jane Nixon : I4I;
Dr Chukwudi Nnaji : GHRUG;
Professor Kelechi Nnoaham : PHR;
Professor Obiageli Nnodu : GHRUG;
Dr Kay Nolan : PHR;
Professor Ellen Nolte : LC; PRP;
Professor Jane Norman : EME;
Dr Fredrik Norström : RIGHT;
Miss Amy Northall : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Ruth Northway : HTA;
Professor Christine Norton : Pre Programme;
Professor Caitlin Notley : RfPB;
Professor Joy Notter : HSDR;
Dr Alastair Noyce : I4I;
Mr Peter Nthumba : GHRUG;
Professor Fiona Nunan : RIGHT;
Dr Michael Nunns : GHRUG;
Dr Gladys Nyachieo : RIGHT;
Dr Charles Nyaigoti : GHRUG;
Professor Moffat Nyirenda : GHRUG;
Dr Jonathan Nzakizwanayo : I4I; 


Ms Jenny O'Boyle : LC;
Mr Scott O'Brien : HTA;
Professor Alicia O'Cathain : LC;
Dr Matthew O'Connell : AIM;
Dr Sean O'Connor : HSDR;
Dr Cian O'Donovan : AI;
Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer : LC;
Professor Martin O'Flaherty : GHRUG;
Dr Peter O'Halloran : HSDR;
Professor Cecilia O'Kane : GHRUG;
Dr Declan O'Regan : AI;
Professor Rebecca Oakey : LC;
Jennifer Oates : HSDR;
Dr Liz Obrien : PHR;
Dr Roseline Ochieng : GHRUG;
Ms Margaret Ogden : HSDR; HTA; PG;
Dr Reuben Ogollah : LC;
Ms Della Ogunleye : AIM; HTA;
Dr Kehinde Ogunyemi : RIGHT;
Dr Asako Ohinata : HTA;
Dr Omorogieva Ojo : RfPB;
Dr Tim Ojo : HTA;
Dr Grace Okoli : HTA;
Dr Adeyemi Okunogbe : GHRUG;
Dr Bibilola Oladeji : GHRUG;
Dr Rita Oladele : GHRUG;
Honorary Professor David Oliver : Editorial; HSDR; RfPB;
Mr Samuel Olobo : GHRUG;
Mr Samuel Olobo : RIGHT;
Dr David Oloruntoba : GHRUG;
Dr Bolajoko Olusanya : GHRUG;
Professor Grace Omoni : GHRUG;
Miss Kehinde Omotayo : AI; HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Ahmet Omurtag : I4I;
Dr Graziano Onder : AIM;
Dr Obinna Onwude : AI;
Dr Monica Onyango : RIGHT;
Dr Magdalena Opazo Breton : PHR;
Miss Margaret Opoku : AI;
Mr Alfred John Opolot : RIGHT;
Dr Charles Opondo : HTA;
Dr Raymond Oppong : HTA;
Dr Katharine Orellana : RfPB;
Professor Jackson Orem : GHRUG;
Professor Matej Oresic : IRS;
Professor Orish Ebere Orisakwe : RIGHT;
Professor Paula Ormandy : Pre Programme;
Dr Nicolas Orsi : I4I;
Dr Esteban Ortiz-Prado : RIGHT;
Mr Michael Osborne : AI; AIM; HTA; IRS; RfPB;
Dr John Oshea : IRS;
Dr Hibah Osman : GHRUG;
Dr Leyla Osman : PG;
Dr Venet Osmani : IRS;
Dr Maria Ospina : AIM;
Professor David Osrin : RIGHT;
Dr Anne Osterrieder : GHRUG;
Mr Abdrahamane Ouedraogo : RIGHT;
Dr Dennis Ougrin : RfPB;
Dr Karen Ousey : HTA;
Miss Amy Overend : HSDR;
Dr Andrew Owen : EME;
Dr Janine Owens : RfPB;
Professor Mayowa Owolabi : GHRUG;
Professor Andrew Oxenham : IRS;
Dr Gulin Oz : IRS;
Professor Gozde Ozakinci : HTA; 


Dr Julian Padget : AI;
Dr Anna Paes : LC;
Mrs Sandra Paget : AI; I4I; RfPB;
Associate Professor Nino Paichadze : GHRUG; RIGHT;
Dr Denys Pak : AI;
Professor Deb Pal : HTA;
Professor Eleni Palazidou : HTA;
Professor Francisco Palencia-Sanchez : GHRUG;
Dr Carole Paley : HTA;
Dr Phoebe Pallotti : GHRUG;
Mrs Ann Jean Palmer : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Sarita Panday : GHRUG;
Mr Abdullah Pandor : HTA;
Dr Jeemon Panniyammakal : GHRUG;
Professor George Panoutsos : AIM;
Dr Olga Panqueva : GHRUG;
Dr Puspa Raj Pant : RIGHT;
Professor Nickolas Papadopoulos : I4I;
Dr Nadia Papamichail : AI;
Dr Sangeetha Paramasivan : HTA;
Ms Meena Parekh : AIM; HTA; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Davide Pareyson : HSDR;
Professor Carmine Pariante : HTA;
Mr James Parker : HTA;
Professor Tessa Parkes : HSDR;
Mr Richard Parkinson : HTA;
Dr Divya Parmar : GHRUG;
Mr Richard Parnell : AIM; RfPB;
Professor Ornella Parolini : IRS;
Mr Steve Parrott : HTA;
Dr Neil Parry : RfPB;
Dr Ali Parsa : HSDR;
Professor Simon Parsons : AI;
Mr Simon Parsons : RfPB;
Mrs Carol-Anne Partridge : HSDR;
Professor Dharmintra Pasupathy : HTA;
Dr Aakta Patel : HTA;
Dr Aarti Patel : EME;
Professor Anita Patel : HSDR;
Dr Divya Patel : IRS;
Mrs Hazel Patel : RfPB;
Mr Hiren Patel : HTA;
Ms Nishma Patel : HTA;
Mrs Smitaa Patel : HTA;
Mr Hugh Paterson : HSDR;
Dr Nazima Pathan : I4I;
Dr Prajakta Patil : HTA;
Miss Maria Paton : HTA;
Dr Tiffany Patterson : I4I;
Dr Priyamvada Paudyal : PHR;
Dr Navreet Paul : HTA;
Ms Monika Pavlov : RfPB;
Professor Ian Pavord : I4I;
Dr Annette Payne : I4I;
Miss Heather Peacock : HTA;
Dr Marian Peacock : RfPB;
Professor Ian Pearce : HTA; I4I;
Dr Matthew Pears : RfPB;
Dr Mark Pearson : LC;
Professor Daniel Peckham : AI; PG;
Dr Margaret Peden : GHRUG;
Professor Niels Peek : AIM;
Professor Anna Peeters : PHR;
Mr Richard Peevor : HTA;
Professor Yonghong Peng : AIM;
Dr Mark Pennington : HTA;
Dr Peter Penson : Editorial;
Dr Alexandra Pentaraki : GHRUG;
Dr Thomas Penzel : I4I;
Dr Anthony Pereira : PG;
Dr Antonio Perez Martinez : IRS;
Dr Katherine Perryman : PHR;
Ms Sandra Pertek : GHRUG;
Ms Shakila Devi Perumal : GHRUG;
Dr Jaime Peters : HTA;
Professor Nicholas Peters : LC;
Mr Nabeel Petersen : GHRUG;
Dr Hervé Petite : IRS;
Dr Nayia Petousi : HTA;
Dr Lauren Petrass : RIGHT;
Dr Andy Petros : I4I;
Ms Gerie Petrou : HSDR;
Dr David Pevalin : Editorial;
Dr Carmel Pezaro : RfPB;
Kay Phelps : HSDR;
Dr Zoe Philips : HTA;
Mr Alexander Phillips : RfPB;
Ms Anne Phillips : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Ceri Phillips : HSDR;
Dr Clair Phillips : RfPB;
Dr Eloise Phillips : HSDR;
Professor Judith Phillips : HSDR;
Dr Rhiannon Phillips : HSDR;
Professor Maria Grazia Piancino : IRS;
Dr Anton Pick : RfPB;
Mr Simon Pickard : AI;
Dr Dawn Pickering : HTA;
Professor Ruth Pickering : HSDR; HTA; LC;
Professor Andrew Pickles : LC; PHR; RIGHT;
Mr James Piercy : HSDR; HTA;
Ms Katie Pike : HSDR;
Professor Kevin Pile : IRS;
Dr Luke Pilling : LC;
Dr Mark Pilling : Editorial;
Dr Vanessa Pinfold : HSDR;
Professor Jonathan Pinkney : PG;
Professor Hilary Pinnock : GHRUG; I4I;
Dr Mariana Pinto Da Costa : HSDR;
Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed : LC;
Professor David Pisetsky : IRS;
Dr David Pitcher : RfPB;
Martin Pitt : HSDR;
Dr Jesus Alberto Plata Contreras : RIGHT;
Professor Lucy Platt : PHR;
Professor Diane Playford : RfPB;
Professor Nicholas Pleace : HSDR;
Dr Catrin Plumpton : TAR;
Ms Irene Poku : HTA;
Dr Kay Polidano : GHRUG;
Mr Daniel Pollard : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Martha Pollard : HSDR;
Professor Dimity Pond : PG;
Professor Catherine Pope : LC; RIGHT;
Mr Rick Popert : RfPB;
Dr Aaron Poppleton : GHRUG;
Dr Margareth Portela : RIGHT;
Alison Porter : HSDR;
Mrs Denise Porter : AIM;
Dr Ian Porter : RfPB;
Professor Patrick Pössel : IRS;
Dr Caroline Potter : AIM;
Dr Elizabeth Potter : LC;
Dr Lucy Potter : HSDR;
Dr Arjun Poudel : GHRUG;
Professor Joanna Poulton : EME;
Dr Rachel Povey : RfPB;
Mr Richard Powell : GHRUG;
Ms Rachel Poynor : LC;
Mrs Farrah Pradhan : AI; I4I;
Mr Divya Prakash : Pre Programme;
Dr Steve Preece : RfPB;
Dr Sarah Prenton : I4I;
Dr Julie Prescott : AI;
Mrs Catherine Preston : AI; AIM; IRS; RfPB;
Dr Louise Preston : HSDR;
Professor Nancy Preston : HTA;
Ms Lauren Pretorius : GHRUG;
Professor Toby Prevost : LC;
Dr Catherine Price : HTA;
Mr Derek Price : HTA; RfPB;
Ms Helen Price : HSDR;
Dr Owen Price : HSDR;
Ms Fiona Price-Kuehne : EME;
Professor John Primrose : GHRUG;
Mr Ian Prince : EME; HSDR; HTA;
Dr Sarah Prior : PG;
Dr Lara Prisco : I4I;
Dr Angus Prosser : LC;
Dr John Prowle : HTA; RfPB;
Professor Steven Pryjmachuk : Editorial;
Dr Anni-Maria Pulkki-Brannstrom : RIGHT;
Dr Stephen Puntis : HTA; RfPB;
Mr Nanik Pursani : AI; EME; I4I; RfPB;
Dr Deepam Pushpam : GHRUG;
Dr Shuby Puthussery : HSDR;
Ms Jane Putsey : EME; I4I; PHR; RfPB;
Dr Amar Puttanna : RfPB;
Mr David Pye : PHR;
Dr Sean Pymer : LC;
Mrs Sarah Pyne : HTA; 


Dr Novi Quadrianto : AI;
Dr Matthew Quaife : HSDR; HTA;
Dr Jianchao Quan : RIGHT;
Professor Zahidul Quayyum : Editorial; TAR;
Ms Vicky Queen : HSDR;
Dr Ana Catarina Queiroga : RIGHT;
Professor Siobhan Quenby : RfPB;
Professor Zara Quigg : PHR;
Mr Gavin Quiney : LC;
Dr Terry Quinn : AI;
Miss Natalie Quinn-Walker : HSDR;
Professor Jennifer Quint : HTA; LC; 


Professor Andreas Radbruch : IRS;
Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna : HTA;
Dr Mark Radon : AI;
Dr Valentin Radu : AI;
Dr James Rafferty : AIM;
Professor James Raftery : LC;
Professor Anisur Rahman : PG; RfPB;
Professor Atif Rahman : GHRUG;
Mrs Kelly Raihani : LC;
Dr Gerard Raj : GHRUG;
Mr Vijay Rajkumar : RIGHT;
Dr Bram Ramaekers : HTA;
Dr Vundli Ramakolo : GHRUG;
Mr Rajarajan Ramamoorthy : AI;
Dr Parashar Ramanuj : AI;
Ms Mani Ramaswamy : LC;
Professor Sarvapali Ramchurn : AI;
Dr Ritu Rana : GHRUG;
Dr Prasad Ranatunga : GHRUG; HSDR;
Dr Amar Ranawat : PG;
Professor Jaynie Rance : HSDR;
Dr Cathy Randle-Phillips : RfPB;
Professor Amar Rangan : Pre Programme;
Professor Anette Hylen Ranhoff : IRS;
Dr Janice Ranson : RfPB;
Professor Tim Rapley : HSDR;
Dr Muneera Rasheed : GHRUG;
Dr Susan Rasmussen : RfPB;
Dr Riina Rautemaa-Richardson : RfPB;
Dr Rachel Rayment : HTA;
Dr Clare Rayner : LC;
Professor Asif Raza : I4I;
Dr Haider Raza : AI;
Dr Tarek Razek : RIGHT;
Dr Jessica Rea : HSDR;
Dr Nancy Reau : IRS;
Professor Nicola Reavley : IRS;
Dr Matejka Rebolj : GHRUG;
Dr Sandeep Reddy : IRS;
Mr Srikanth Reddy : RfPB;
Professor Anthony Redmond : GHRUG;
Dr Theresa Redmond : LC; RfPB;
Professor Mike Reed : HTA;
Professor Geraint Rees : LC;
Ms Pamela Rees : AI; HSDR; IRS; PHR; RfPB;
Professor Paul Rees : AI;
Dr Sophie Rees : HSDR;
Miss Sue Rees : PHR;
Professor David Reeves : LC;
Professor Neil Reeves : I4I;
Professor (Christopher) Martyn Regan : HTA; RfPB;
Professor Joe Reilly : HTA;
Professor Siobhan Reilly : RfPB;
Ms Elena Reipold : GHRUG;
Professor André Reis : IRS;
Dr Samuel Relton : HSDR;
Professor Mary Renfrew : PHR;
Mrs Una Rennard : GHRUG; IRS; RfPB;
Mr John Renshaw : HSDR;
Ms Susan Restorick-Banks : EME;
Miss Mikaela Revel : LC;
Mr Matthew Revell : RfPB;
Dr Charles Reynard : Pre Programme;
Dr John Reynolds : EME; RfPB;
Professor Nick Reynolds : AI; LC; RfPB;
Dr Nahid Rezwana : GHRUG;
Dr Rebecca Rhead : AI;
Dr Natasha Rhoda : GHRUG;
Professor Martha Riaño-Casallas : RIGHT;
Mrs Julia Richards : LC;
Professor Suzanne Richards : LC;
Professor Gerry Richardson : Editorial; LC;
Mrs Alison Richmond : AIM; I4I; PRP; RfPB;
Dr Peter Richmond : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Matthew Ridd : HSDR;
Dr Colette Ridehalgh : HTA;
Dr Basil Ridha : I4I;
Dr Anne Ridley : HTA;
Miss Celia Riga : I4I;
Dr Ruth Riley : HSDR;
Dr Timothy Rittman : I4I;
Mr Adovich Rivera : RIGHT;
Dr Alison Robb : HTA;
Mrs Amanda Roberts : IRS;
Dr Chrissy Roberts : LC;
Mr Colin Roberts : AI;
Mr John Roberts : AI; LC; PG;
Mr Keith Roberts : RfPB;
Dr Nicola Roberts : Editorial;
Dr Seren Roberts : Editorial;
Professor Catherine Robinson : LC;
Mrs Diana Robinson : RfPB;
Mr Dudley Robinson : HTA;
Dr Louise Robinson : PG;
Mr Steven Robinson : HTA;
Dr Luke Robles : HTA;
Professor Timothy Rockall : HSDR;
Dr Justin Roe : RfPB;
Mr Richard Roels : LC;
Dr Kris Rogers : RIGHT;
Dr Cecilia Rogmark : HTA;
Dr Jennifer Rohn : I4I;
Emeritus Professor Martin Roland : HSDR;
Dr Rebecca Rollinson : RfPB;
Dr Marius Roman : HTA;
Dr Andres Roman-Urrestarazu : RfPB;
Ms Aura María Romero : RIGHT;
Professor Sir Pol M. Rommens : RIGHT;
Ms Sarah Ronaldson : HTA;
Dr Sara Ronzi : GHRUG;
Ms Rifqah Roomaney : GHRUG;
Dr Laurence Roope : HTA;
Professor Christof Röösli : IRS;
Mrs Annie Rose : HTA;
Professor Stuart Rosen : AI;
Professor William Rosenberg : EME;
Mrs Louise Ross : HTA;
Dr Samantha Ross : PHR;
Mr Victor Roth Cardoso : AIM;
Dr Claire Rothery : HTA;
Professor Sue Roulstone : LC;
Dr Nikki Rousseau : Editorial;
Emeritus Professor David Rowbotham : HTA;
Dr Ian Rowe : AI;
Associate Professor Rachel Rowe : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Sarah Rowe : RfPB;
Dr Matthew Rowland : HTA;
Mrs Natalie Rowland (Nee Ives) : EME;
Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones : RfPB;
Dr Ashok Roy : RfPB;
Dr Simon Royal : HTA;
Mr Robert Ruane : EME;
Miss Mandy Rudczenko : RfPB;
Professor Anthony Rudd : HTA;
Dr Mamta Ruparel : HTA;
Dr Simon Rushton : GHRUG;
Dr Tom Russ : PG;
Mr Philip Ruthen : HSDR; HTA; I4I; RfPB;
Professor Alasdair Rutherford : HSDR; PHR;
Professor Martin Rutter : RfPB;
Associate Professor Jamie Rylance : GHRUG;
Dr Howard Ryland : Pre Programme; 


Professor Caroline Sabin : LC;
Mr Anuj Saboo : RfPB;
Professor Ian Sabroe : LC; RfPB;
Professor Tracey Sach : LC;
Professor Amanda Sacker : AIM;
Professor Cath Sackley : TAR;
Dr Seyed Ali Sadegh-Zadeh : AI;
Mr Hazim Sadideen : HSDR;
Dr Zia Sadique : HTA;
Dr Kordo Saeed : HTA;
Mrs Tracy Saffet : HTA;
Professor Sejal Saglani : I4I;
Dr Gurdeep Sagoo : HTA;
Dr Prakash Saha : HTA;
Ms Sarah Saines : HTA;
Ms Alexandra Saldarriaga Cadavid : GHRUG;
Ms Rabeea Saleem : GHRUG;
Dr Ahmed Salem : AI;
Mrs Line Sales : HTA;
Professor Christopher Salisbury : AIM; HSDR;
Professor Haroon Saloojee : GHRUG;
Professor Mahtab Samimi : IRS;
Mr Christopher Sampson : HSDR;
Professor Mike Sampson : RfPB;
Mr Yevgeniy Samyshkin : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Johan Sandberg : LC;
Professor Julia Sanders : HSDR;
Dr Tom Sanders : LC;
Professor Kristy Sanderson : Editorial; LC;
Professor Harbinder Sandhu : Editorial;
Ms Claire Sands : LC; LC;
Ms Gladys Sanga : GHRUG;
Dr Prachi Sanghavi : RIGHT;
Mr Anish Sanghrajka : HTA;
Professor Miriam Santer : HTA;
Dr Francesco Santoro : LC;
Dr Nicola Santoro : IRS;
Professor Gaetano Santulli : IRS;
Dr Pedro Saramago Goncalves : TAR;
Associate Professor Athanasios Saratzis : HTA;
Ms Joan Sargent : EME;
Dr Jann Sarkaria : IRS;
Mrs Amanda Sarosi : HTA;
Dr Ramamurthy Sathyamurthy : HTA;
Dr Thozhukat Sathyapalan : RfPB;
Mrs Lee Saunders : RfPB;
Mrs Tina Sauvage : HSDR;
Dr Jelena Savovic : HTA;
Ms Laura Sawyer : HTA;
Honorary Professor Robert Sayers : HTA;
Dr Mandie Scamell : RfPB;
Professor Brigitte Scammell : HTA;
Professor Andrew Scarsbrook : AI;
Dr Matthieu-P. Schapranow : IRS;
Professor Joanna Schellenberg : GHRUG;
Professor Reinhold Scherer : AI;
Professor Günther Schlunck : IRS;
Professor Ulrike Schmidt : Pre Programme;
Dr Gunnar Schmidtmann : RfPB;
Professor Marcus Schmitt-Egenolf : IRS;
Professor Michael Schuetz : IRS;
Mr Aminul Schuster : EME;
Dr Graham Scotland : LC;
Associate Professor Jennifer Scott : GHRUG;
Dr Michael Scott : HTA;
Dr William Scott : AI;
Dr David Seamark : PG;
Ms Sarah Seaton : HTA;
Dr Maria Secrier : AI;
Dr Jennifer Seddon : PRP;
Dr Yovitha Sedekia : GHRUG;
Dr Teik See : EME;
Professor Janet Seeley : GHRUG;
Dr Gerri Sefton : HSDR;
Dr Diane Sellers : RfPB;
Dr Sean Semple : PG;
Dr Justin Sempsrott : RIGHT;
Professor Stephen Senn : Editorial;
Professor Teresa Senserrick : RIGHT;
Dr Anna Serlachius : LC;
Ms Sarika Seshadri : PHR;
Dr Ben Seymour : LC;
Dr Hosein Shabaninejad : HTA;
Mr Michael Shackcloth : HTA;
Dr Anand Shah : RfPB;
Dr Nihal Shah : EME;
Dr Nishel Shah : I4I;
Dr Rajeev Shah : HTA;
Dr Yousef Shahin : AI; I4I;
Professor Maryam Shahmanesh : GHRUG;
Dr Geordan Shannon : GHRUG;
Professor Charles Shapiro : IRS;
Dr Saeed Sharif : I4I;
Dr Shivani Sharma : AIM;
Dr Charlie Sharp : EME;
Dr Claire Sharpe : HSDR;
Dr Edward Sharples : EME;
Mr Greg Shaw : HTA;
Professor Jill Shawe : HTA;
Dr James Shearer : HTA; PHR;
Dr Bryony Sheaves : RfPB;
Dr Laura Sheilds-Zeeman : GHRUG;
Miss Mary Shek : Pre Programme;
Dr Christopher Sheldon : EME;
Ms Annette Shelford : AI; LC;
Mrs Andrea Shelly : RfPB;
Dr Jiabin Shen : RIGHT;
Dr Alex Shenfield : AI;
Dr Nick Shenker : HTA; HTA; RfPB;
Dr Andrew Shepherd : PG;
Mr Duncan Shepherd : AI; AIM; I4I; RfPB;
Ms Suzanne (Suzie) Shepherd : PRP; RfPB;
Professor Sasha Shepperd Ms Dphil : Editorial;
Professor Lee Shepstone : HTA;
Mrs Hilary Shergold : AI; I4I; RfPB;
Dr Susan Sherman : GHRUG;
Dr Jiaqi Shi : IRS;
Dr Xin Shi : PHR;
Professor Eui-Cheol Shin : LC;
Professor Kevin Shotliff : PG;
Ms Priyanka Shrestha : GHRUG;
Miss Yusrah Shweikh : RfPB;
Dr Kate Sidaway-Lee : HSDR;
Dr Najma Siddiqi : RfPB;
Dr Laura Sidney : IRS;
Dr Anna Sidorchuk : AIM;
Mr Harry Sidwell : AI; RfPB;
Dr Jon Silversides : EME;
Mr Julian Simcox : HTA;
Mr Nigel Simm : LC;
Dr Gemma Simons : LC;
Professor John Simpson : LC;
Dr William Simpson : HTA;
Dr Özgür Simsek : AI;
Professor Alan Sinclair : RfPB;
Professor Marlene Sinclair : HTA;
Professor Maneesh Singhal : RIGHT;
Dr Baxi Sinha : HTA;
Honorary Professor Ian Sinha : EME;
Professor Niro Siriwardena : LC;
Professor Sanjay Sisodiya : RfPB;
Associate Professor Freddy Sitas : GHRUG;
Dr Alice Sitch : HSDR;
Professor Dean Sittig : IRS;
Professor Simon Skene : LC;
Mrs Lara Skinner : HTA;
Professor Jolene Skordis : HTA;
Professor Anne-Marie Slowther : HSDR;
Ms Alison Smith : HSDR;
Ms Alison Smith : HTA;
Professor Ann Smith : IRS;
Professor Blair Smith : HTA;
Professor Catherine Smith : HTA;
Dr Christina Smith : RfPB;
Mr Christopher Smith : HTA;
Mrs Claire Smith : HTA;
Ms Debra Smith : AIM; HTA; I4I; IRS; LC; RfPB;
Professor Gordon Smith : EME; HTA;
Mr Gordon Smith : HTA;
Dr Graham Smith : EME;
Dr Ian Smith : HTA;
Dr Joel Smith : HSDR; HTA;
Ms Kerry Smith : LC;
Dr Kimberley Smith : HSDR;
Dr Margaret Smith : RfPB;
Mr Mark Smith : HSDR;
Dr Mathew Smith : PHR;
Mr Myles Smith : AI;
Mrs Nikki Smith : LC; RfPB;
Ms Pam Smith : HTA;
Professor Peter Smith : AIM;
Dr Shubulade Smith : Pre Programme;
Professor Susan Smith : AIM;
Dr Victoria Smith : LC;
Dr Adam Smith-Collins : HTA;
Professor David Smithard : HTA;
Dr Analisa Smythe : HSDR; RfPB;
Mr Sam Snape : AI;
Professor Martyn Snow : HTA;
Ms Lara Snowdon : PHR;
Dr Tristan Snowsill : HTA;
Dr Marta Soeffker : LC;
Professor Reecha Sofat : AIM;
Dr Elizabeth Soilleux : AI;
Dr Ivonne Solis-Trapala : HSDR;
Dr Eino Solje : IRS;
Professor Tom Solomon : LC;
Dr Andrew Soltan : LC;
Dr Soon Song : PG;
Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke : RfPB;
Dr Chris Sotirelis : HTA;
Ms Irene Soulsby : Pre Programme;
Professor Amanda Sowden : PHR;
Mrs Jan Speechley : PG; RfPB;
Mr John Spencer : AI;
Dr Matthew Sperrin : AI;
Dr Christoph Spinner : LC;
Dr Arietta Spinou : RfPB;
Dr Sheila Sprague : RIGHT;
Professor Kate Springett : PG;
Professor Iain Squire : PG;
Dr Prashanth Srinivas : GHRUG;
Dr Raj Srirajaskanthan : I4I;
Dr Shrikant Srivastava : HTA;
Professor Rodney Stables : EME;
Ms Ruth Stafferton : HTA;
Dr Claire Standley : GHRUG;
Mrs Joyce Standring : IRS; PRP; RfPB;
Mrs Gemma Stanford : RfPB;
Dr Emma Stanmore : I4I;
Dr Catherine Stannard : HTA;
Professor Gerard Stansby : HTA;
Dr Ben Stansfield : I4I;
Dr Michael Stark : IRS;
Dr Willem Stassen : GHRUG;
Dr Alan Steel : ESP;
Dr John Steer : HTA;
Professor Philip Steer : AI; PG;
Dr Nicole Steils : RfPB;
Professor Michael Steiner : EME;
Dr Douglas Steinke : HSDR;
Dr Peter Steinmann : GHRUG;
Professor Jackie Stephen-Haynes : I4I;
Dr David Stephens : HSDR;
Dr John Stephenson : HTA;
Mr Kamil Sterniczuk : AIM; EME; I4I; IRS; LC; PG; PRP; RfPB;
Professor Annette Sterr : RfPB;
Mr Sebastian Stettin : AI; LC;
Dr Neil Steven : RfPB;
Dr Jennifer Stevens : IRS;
Dr Kara Stevens : EME; HSDR; HTA;
Dr Paul Stevens : Pre Programme;
Dr Richard Stevens : LC;
Professor Fiona Stevenson : HSDR;
Mrs Leane Stevenson : HSDR;
Dr Anne Stewart : RfPB;
Professor Duncan Stewart : AIM;
Dr Mary Stewart : RfPB;
Professor Paul Stewart : EME;
Professor Robert Stewart : AIM;
Professor Robert Stockley : EME;
Ms Kuldeep Stohr : HTA;
Ms Julie Stone : AI; IRS; PG; RfPB;
Mrs Nichola Storey : LC;
Mrs Hayley Stowe : HSDR; HTA;
Professor David Strachan : PG;
Ms Lucy Strang : PHR;
Mr Dominic Stringer : HSDR;
Professor James Stuart : GHRUG;
Dr Caroline Styles : EME;
Dr Hari Subramaniam : I4I;
Dr Elizabeth Such : RfPB;
Dr Amit Sud : HTA;
Miss Maaha Suleiman : RfPB;
Dr Anita Sullivan : HTA;
Professor Frank Sullivan : EME;
Ms Hamira Sultan : PHR;
Dr Athula Sumathipala : GHRUG;
Professor Charlotte Summers : I4I;
Mr Dominic Summers : HSDR;
Dr Lucinda Summers : Pre Programme;
Professor Suresh Sundram : HSDR;
Professor Kyung Sung : AI;
Dr Nirmal Surya : GHRUG;
Ms Eilis Sutherland : HTA;
Dr Andrew Sutton : HTA; PHR;
Professor Ian Swain : I4I;
Dr Michelle Swainson : RfPB;
Professor Michaela Swales : HSDR;
Dr Sumathi Swaminathan : GHRUG;
Ms Tracy Swan : GHRUG;
Professor Lee Swanstrom : IRS;
Dr Muriel Syacumpi : GHRUG;
Professor Matthew Sydes : LC;
Ms Katherine Sykes : RfPB;
Dr Susie Sykes : PHR; 


Professor Ilias Tachtsidis : I4I;
Dr Laurence Taggart : RfPB;
Dr Mansour Taghavi Azar Sharabiani : AIM;
Miss Pegah Tahmasebi : HSDR;
Dr Lindsey Taillie : GHRUG;
Professor Tsutomu Takeuchi : IRS; IRS;
Dr Emma Tallantyre : AI;
Miss Carol Tan : HTA;
Dr Jo-Pei Tan : GHRUG;
Dr Babasaheb Tandale : GHRUG;
Professor Nikhil Tandon : GHRUG;
Professor Dale Tang : IRS;
Professor Mengxing Tang : I4I;
Professor Nicole Tang : RfPB;
Professor Frank Tanser : GHRUG;
Dr Maxime Taquet : AI; LC;
Mr Rahul Tarar : AI;
Mrs Penelope Tassoni : LC;
Dr Andrew Tatham : HTA;
Ms Lynn Tatnell : AIM; EME; HSDR; HTA; I4I; RfPB;
Mr Phil Taverner : HSDR;
Professor Adrian Taylor : PHR;
Ms Anna Taylor : PHR;
Mr Charlie Taylor : PHR;
Miss Ciorsdan Taylor : I4I; PG; RfPB;
Dr Clare Taylor : HTA;
Dr Gordon Taylor : HTA;
Mr John Taylor : AIM; I4I; RfPB;
Dr Matthew Taylor : Editorial; EME; HTA; LC; PHR;
Professor Paul Taylor : AI;
Dr Rachel Taylor : HSDR;
Professor Rod Taylor : HTA; LC;
Dr Timothy Taylor : HSDR; HTA;
Ms Rachel Taza : GHRUG;
Dr Li Tee Tan : RfPB;
Professor Hugo Ten Cate : IRS;
Dr James T Teo : AI;
Dr Julia Terry : HTA;
Dr Neil Thacker : AI;
Professor Lateef Thanni : RIGHT;
Professor Sudhin Thayyil : HTA;
Dr Chloe Thio : GHRUG;
Dr Sathish Thirunavukkarasu : GHRUG;
Ms Ellen Thomas : EME; Pre Programme;
Mrs Judith Thomas : RfPB;
Mr Mark Thomas : HTA;
Dr Matthew Thomas : HTA;
Dr Matthew Thomas : HTA;
Professor Pete Thomas : GHRUG;
Dr Shirley Thomas : LC;
Dr Sathish Thomas William : PHR;
Mr Michael Thomas-Sam : HSDR;
Dr Robert Thomen : LC;
Professor Alan Thompson : PG;
Dr Claire Thompson : PHR;
Dr Dean Thompson : RIGHT;
Mr Gareth Thompson : PG;
Dr Patrick Thompson : AI; RfPB;
Dr Roger Thompson : AI;
Mrs Catherine Thomson : LC;
Mrs Michaela Thomson : HSDR;
Dr Mangesh Thorat : Editorial;
Dr Kent Thorburn : HSDR;
Dr Joanna Thorn : HTA;
Professor Peter Thorne : IRS;
Ms Gail Thornton : IRS; RfPB;
Professor Jim Thornton : PG;
Professor Amanda Thrift : GHRUG;
Professor Elaine Thume : GHRUG;
Professor George Thurston : IRS;
Dr Mark Thurston : AI;
Professor Guy Thwaites : GHRUG;
Ms Sarah Thwaites : LC;
Associate Professor Michela Tinelli : HTA;
Miss Louise Ting : Pre Programme;
Professor Vincent Titanji : GHRUG;
Professor Nickolai Titov : IRS;
Dr Simon Khay Chuan Toh : RfPB;
Dr Owen Tomlinson : RfPB;
Dr Emile Tompa : RIGHT;
Professor Maurizio Tonetti : IRS;
Dr Elaine Toomey : PG;
Mr Philip Toozs-Hobson : HTA;
Professor David Torgerson : HTA;
Dr George Torrens : I4I;
Professor Jonathan Townend : HTA;
Dr Julia Townson : PHR;
Ms Dalila Tremarias : EME;
Professor Andy Tremayne : HTA;
Professor Michael Trenell : PG;
Dr Kylee Trevillion : HSDR;
Professor Shaun Treweek : HTA;
Professor Dhiraj Tripathi : HTA;
Dr Lynn Marie Trotti : I4I;
Professor Georgios Tsakos : HSDR;
Dr Stephen Tsang : IRS;
Professor Zion Tse : IRS;
Dr Philip Tucker : HSDR;
Professor Ellen Tufvesson : IRS;
Dr Kjell Tullus : HTA;
Professor Mark Tully : AI;
Professor Paola Turano : LC;
Dr Erin Turbitt : IRS;
Mrs Jo Turnbull : RfPB;
Mr David Turner : HTA;
Dr Grace Turner : HTA;
Dr Jason Turuwhenua : I4I;
Mr Chris Twine : RfPB;
Dr Rhian Twine : GHRUG;
Professor Peter Tyrer : RfPB;
Dr Stephen Tyrer : HSDR; 


Mrs Abigail Udoh : RIGHT;
Mr Chris Uff : HTA;
Mr Chidi Ugwu : GHRUG;
Professor Obioha Ukoumunne : HTA; LC;
Dr Rosina Ullman : HSDR;
Dr Nkiruka Umaru : RfPB;
Mrs Elizabeth Umoke : RfPB;
Dr Rachel Umoren : GHRUG;
Dr Fiona Underwood : LC;
Professor Martin Underwood : HTA; PG; RfPB;
Dr Sunil Upadhyay : HTA; TAR;
Dr Davide Shingo Usami : RIGHT;
Dr Sergio A. Useche : RIGHT;
Dr Dave Usher : AI;
Mr Idong Usoro : AI;
Dr Sabita Uthaya : HTA;
Professor Martin Utley : HSDR;
Ms Philomene Uwamaliya : RfPB;


Miss Shoni Vaknin : LC;
Professor Ana Valdes : LC;
Professor Luke Vale : PHR; TAR;
Mr Roberto Valente : RfPB;
Dr Eszter Vamos : PHR;
Dr Margriet Van Baar : RIGHT;
Professor Edwin Van Beek : LC;
Professor Marjon Van Der Pol : Editorial; HTA;
Dr Veronika Van Der Wardt : LC;
Professor Danielle Van Der Windt : LC;
Professor Robert Van Deursen : I4I;
Ms Carin Van Doorn : I4I;
Professor Harm Van Marwijk : AI; EME; HTA;
Professor Olivier Vandenberg : LC;
Professor Verna Vanderpuye : GHRUG;
Dr Armando Vargas-Palacios : HSDR;
Professor Christos Vasilakis : HSDR;
Dr Vassilios Vassiliou : AI;
Dr Bas Vastert : HTA;
Professor Neil Vaughan : AI;
Professor David Veale : RfPB;
Dr Lewis Veale : HSDR;
Professor Lennert Veerman : PHR;
Ms Moira Veitch : HTA;
Professor Galina Velikova : I4I; RfPB;
Professor Adrian Vella : IRS;
Dr Jan Verbakel : EME; TAR;
Professor Fiona Verity : LC;
Dr Dominique Vervoort : GHRUG;
Professor Jorgen Vestbo : RfPB;
Dr Paraskevas Vezyridis : AI;
Ms Francesca Vezzini : HTA;
Dr Sarah Vicary : HSDR; RfPB;
Dr Suresh Victor : HTA;
Mr Michael Vidal : HSDR; HTA;
Professor Aleksandar Videnovic : IRS;
Dijana Vilic : AI;
Dr Sofia Villar : Editorial;
Professor Aline Villavicencio : AI;
Ms Grace Vincent-Onabajo : GHRUG;
Dr Ian Viney : EME;
Dr Joao Vissoci : RIGHT;
Professor John Vontas : GHRUG; 


Dr Derick Wade : I4I;
Dr Pamela Wadende : GHRUG;
Professor Jonathan Wadsley : RfPB;
Dr Adam Wagner : HSDR; HTA;
Ms Julia Wagner : GHRUG;
Dr Ryan Wagner : GHRUG;
Mr Shajahan Wahed : HTA;
Professor Louise Wain : LC;
Dr Julie Waine : HSDR;
Mr Andrew Wainwright : HTA;
Dr Elaine Wainwright : PRP;
Dr June Wainwright : HTA;
Associate Professor Peter Waiswa : GHRUG;
Dr Felicity Waite : RfPB;
Dr Jane Waite : HTA;
Dr Gordon Waiter : I4I;
Dr Myrna Waked : GHRUG;
Mrs Julie Wakefield : LC;
Ms Georgia Walby : LC;
Dr Andrew Walden : HTA;
Miss Sarah Waldron : LC;
Dr Sebastian Waldstein : IRS;
Mr Anthony Walker : I4I; RfPB;
Dr Dawn-Marie Walker : HSDR;
Professor Ian Walker : PHR;
Professor James Walker : HTA;
Dr Paul Walker : EME;
Professor Karen Walker-Bone : AI;
Professor Rebecca Wallace : GHRUG;
Dr Rob Waller : HTA;
Professor John Walley : GHRUG;
Dr Bronagh Walsh : HSDR;
Professor David Walsh : RfPB;
Ms Dawn Walsh : HSDR;
Mr Jeremy Walsh : AI; RfPB;
Mr Peter Walsh : HSDR;
Professor Tanya Walsh : HSDR;
Dr Martin Walshaw : TAR;
Mr Darren Walter : HTA;
Mrs Rebecca Walters : LC;
Professor Shernaz Walton : RfPB;
Dr Chao Wang : HSDR;
Professor Duolao Wang : GHRUG;
Dr Han-I Wang : HTA;
Dr Harry H.X. Wang : AIM;
Professor Ping Wang : RfPB;
Professor Wei Wang : IRS;
Dr Wenjuan Wang : HSDR;
Dr Kristina Wanyonyi : HSDR; PHR;
Dr Louise Warburton : Pre Programme;
Dr Douglas Ward : I4I;
Mrs Jane Ward : PHR;
Ms Jayne Ward : PG;
Professor Nick Ward : EME;
Dr Richard Ward : RfPB;
Dr Stephen Ward : HTA;
Professor Nicholas Wareham : GHRUG;
Dr Krystal Warmoth : PRP;
Dr Pamela Warner : HTA;
Tony Warnes : RfPB;
Dr Fiona Warren : HSDR; HTA; PHR;
Dr Charlotte Warren-Gash : LC;
Professor James Wason : HTA;
Dr Sean Wasserman : GHRUG;
Dr Dennis Wat : RfPB;
Dr Bethany Waterhouse-Bradley : HSDR;
Mr Nick Watkin : I4I;
Professor Peter Watkinson : EME; LC;
Professor Angus Watson : RfPB;
Dr Judith Watson : Editorial; RfPB;
Dr Stuart Watson : EME;
Dr Toby Watt : PHR;
Dr Steven Watterson : AIM;
Associate Professor Nicola Wearne : GHRUG;
Miss Helen Weatherly : PHR;
Professor Roger Webb : RfPB;
Professor Ellen Weber : RIGHT;
Professor Lucy Wedderburn : HTA;
Dr Hong Wei : AI;
Dr Yang Wei : I4I;
Mr Richard Welbourn : HTA;
Mrs Jane Welby : RfPB;
Professor Ailsa Welch : RfPB;
Sharon Weldon : HSDR;
Dr Richard Weller : PG;
Ms Amander Wellings : AI; HTA; IRS; PG; RfPB;
Dr Tomas Welsh : HSDR;
Dr Victoria Welsh : HTA; LC;
Dr Brianne Wenning : GHRUG;
Dr Benedict Weobong : GHRUG;
Miss Hannah Westen : HTA;
Dr Stephen Westgarth : HTA;
Professor Gill Westhorp : HSDR;
Ms Rebecca Whear : HSDR;
Dr Graham Wheeler : EME;
Mrs Lilu Wheeler : RfPB;
Mr Peter Whelan : HTA;
Professor Anthony Whetton : LC;
Dr Katriina Whitaker : RfPB;
Professor Andrew White : AI;
Ms Caroline White : RfPB;
Mrs Catherine White : HTA;
Mrs Emma White : LC;
Honorary Professor Tony Whitehouse : EME; HTA;
Ms Jane Whitehurst : HTA;
Dr Julie Whitney : LC; PG;
Dr Roger Whittaker : I4I;
Ms Nyantara Wickramasekera : HTA;
Miss Claire Wilby : HTA;
Mr Michael Wilcock : HSDR;
Ms Jane Wild : HSDR;
Mrs Penny Wild : HSDR; Pre Programme;
Dr Sam Wilding : HTA;
Dr Martin Wildman : RfPB;
Ms Melanie Wilkes : PRP;
Dr Stephanie Wilkie : PHR;
Mr Richard Wilkin : EME; HTA;
Professor Arnold Wilkins : RfPB;
Mr Colin Wilkinson : HTA;
Professor Jeremy Wilkinson : Editorial; RfPB;
Dr Joyce Wilkinson : HSDR;
Dr Louise Wilkinson : AI;
Dr Nick Wilkinson : EME;
Dr Ashley Williams : AI;
Professor Christopher Williams : EME; GHRUG;
Dr Earl Williams : RfPB;
Professor Edgar Mark Williams : AI; I4I;
Dr Elizabeth Williams : RfPB;
Dr Emily Williams : RfPB;
Professor John Williams : LC;
Mrs Melanie Williams : EME;
Mr Simon Williams : HTA;
Professor Thomas Williams : GHRUG;
Dr Val Williams : RfPB;
Professor Elizabeth Williamson : LC;
Ms Emma Williamson : PHR;
Ms Bridget Wills : GHRUG;
Dr Amanda Wilson : HTA;
Dr Ana Wilson : AI;
Dr Eleanor Wilson : HSDR;
Professor Gerry Wilson : EME;
Mr Henry Wilson : LC;
Dr Janet Wilson : RfPB;
Dr John Wilson : HTA;
Dr Marie Wilson : LC; RfPB;
Dr Sally Wilson : PRP;
Professor Jack Winkler : PHR;
Dr Kirsty Winkley : HSDR;
Dr Gary Winship : LC;
Mr Stuart Winter : PG;
Dr Matthew Wise : HTA;
Dr Jana Witt : Editorial;
Dr Anja Wittkowski : PG;
Dr Miriam Wittmann : HTA;
Dr Ingrid Wolfe : RfPB;
Dr Jane Wolstenholme : Editorial;
Mr Jason Wong : I4I;
Professor Kua Wongboonsin : GHRUG;
Dr Lisa Wood : RfPB;
Mr Tom Wood : HTA;
Dr Charlotte Woodhead : PHR;
Dr Jane Woodrow : RfPB;
Professor Jayne Woodside : LC;
Dr Katherine Woolf : HSDR;
Dr Kerry Woolfall : HSDR;
Dr James Woollard : AI; I4I;
Mr Keith Woolley : EME;
Dr Peter Worsley : AI; I4I;
Professor David Wraith : LC;
Dr Faye Wray : HSDR;
Professor Naomi Wray : IRS;
Dr Ian Wrench : HTA;
Professor David Wright : AIM;
Dr David Justin Wright : RfPB;
Mrs Judy Wright : HTA;
Professor Kikelomo Wright : GHRUG;
Dr Stephen Wright : HSDR;
Ms Virginia Wright : PHR;
Dr Honghan Wu : AI;
Dr Jason Wu : IRS;
Dr Jianhua Wu : TAR;
Professor Dame Til Wykes : LC;
Professor Ryan Wylie : IRS;
Mr Keith Wyncoll : RfPB;
Dr Zoe Wyrko : PRP;


Dr Jinghao Xue : AI;
Dr Kanmin Xue : EME;
Andreas Xyrichis : HSDR; 


Dr Yaling Yang : HTA;
Dr Ying Yang : I4I;
Professor Yingjie Yang : AI;
Dr Kevin Yap : IRS;
Ms Narmella Yasoubi : GHRUG;
Professor Julian Yates : HTA;
Professor Christopher Yau : AI;
Professor Christopher Yau : HSDR;
Dr Bruno Yawe : HSDR;
Dr Fadima Yaya Bocoum : RIGHT;
Professor Xujiong Ye : AI;
Dr Tolgou Yempabe : RIGHT;
Miss Elizabeth Yepez Gavilanes : LC;
Dr Deokhee Yi : HSDR;
Professor Emine Yilmaz : AI;
Professor Alistair Young : AI;
Dr Aneurin Young : RfPB;
Professor Annie Young : RfPB;
Dr Kate Young : HTA;
Professor Tracey Young : HTA;
Dr Antonia Ypsilanti : RfPB;
Dr Rongqin Yu : AIM;
Dr Ke Yuan : AIM;
Professor Weihua Yue : IRS;
Professor Nicola Yuill : RfPB;
Dr Angela Yulia : RfPB;


Dr Fernanda Zaganelli : AI;
Dr Ghada Zakout : Editorial;
Dr Rashid Zaman : EME;
Dr Linda Zangwill : IRS;
Dr Fernando Zelaya : LC;
Professor Tanja Zeller : IRS;
Dr Jufen Zhang : HTA;
Dr Wanqing Zhao : AI;
Dr Yang Zhao : AIM;
Professor Dingchang Zheng : I4I;
Professor Huiru Zheng : AI; I4I;
Dr Yalin Zheng : I4I;
Professor Huiyu Zhou : AI;
Dr Jin-Rong Zhou : IRS;
Professor Sue Ziebland : HSDR;
Professor Stephan Zipfel : IRS;
Dr Christos Zipitis : HTA;
Mr Paul Ziprin : HSDR;
Mr Hamid Zolfagharinia : AI;
Professor Massoud Zolgharni : AI; I4I;
Professor Mark Zuidgeest : RIGHT;
Dr Anthony Zwi : GHRUG;
Professor Reyer Zwiggelaar : AI;